Signs You Need A New Roof

The average homeowner lives in their home for 5 years, but the average homeowner doesn’t know that they need roof replacement. If you’re wondering whether you need a new roof, the best way is to get an inspection. However, check for these signs you need a new roof.

Roof Leaks

A water leak isn’t always immediately evident, however, there are some telltale signs you have one. You might notice water stains on the ceiling, bubbling paint, siding or other surfaces bowing, water damaged drywall, peeling wallpaper and other evidence of water leaks. You may have a puncture or the flashing may have deteriorated. In either case, you may need total roof replacement.

Utility Bill Increase

Your roof cannot protect your home if it is failing in any way. Your home will be substantially warmer during the summer months and cooler during the colder months. Without getting necessary roof repairs or replacement, you will be looking at additional high utility bills.

Roof Shingles

You may have noticed your roof shingles are cracked, crumbling or are curled. There are times when the granules come off of your roof shingles, which can allow more sunlight to heat your roof and your home. In this instance, you will need to replace your roof as quickly as possible.

The ReNew Home Designs Difference

You want a roofing company you can trust. ReNew Home Designs is a leader in the roofing industry. As a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, ReNew Home Designs provides the public with over a 130 years of customer service and dedication to providing quality materials and top-notch roofing techniques. Other roofing companies might promise you a low price, but they may be cutting corners to do so. ReNew Home Designs is a licensed and insured roofing company who cares about their customers. Other roofing companies may promise quality, but ReNew Home Designs guarantees it. They have special financing to help with your roof replacement cost. There are also grant programs available to help with your roof replacement cost. Contact them today.

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