Looking For A Hardie Siding Contractor

Hardie board siding seems to far surpass any of the benefits other types of siding offer. When you need to consider replacement siding for you home hardie products should be a consideration. Other types of siding, such as vinyl and wood, offer numerous benefits, and each can be praised for their unique qualities, but hardie siding offers greater durability, strength and functionality. That said, it is substantially heavier than other types of siding and requires additional methods to affix to the home. It is absolutely necessary to hire a hardie siding contractor, as it can weigh upwards of 300 pounds. Let’s explore the many benefits you’ll experience when you install hardie siding and why finding a hardie siding contractor is important.

Hardie Siding and Sea Spray

Hardie board siding can withstand sea spray. For homes that are located near the ocean, hardie siding protects a home from wear and tear. Hardie board will not warp or otherwise become damaged by water because of its cement fiber composition. Finding a hardie siding contractor that installs the siding to meet factory standards is important.

Hardie Siding Colors

Hardie board siding comes in a variety of colors. The color in hardie board siding will usually last longer than the average paint job on a house, so it keeps a home looking new for a longer period of time. Your hardie siding contractor will have a wide variety of samples to choose from.

Hardie Siding In Annapolis Maryland Hardie Siding Durability

Because hardie board siding is resistant to moisture, rot, the elements and insect infestation, it is incredibly durable, and it usually comes with a substantial warranty. It’s not uncommon for some homes to have a 50-year warranty. However, it will need to be painted every 15 years or so, depending upon conditions and how well it’s maintained.

Aesthetics of Hardie Siding

Hardie board siding can take on the appearance of any other type of siding. It also comes in a variety of textures. For instance, it can mimic the look and feel of wood, stone or vinyl, but it will never warp or sag.

Fire and Hardie Siding

Hardie board siding is fireproof because it contains 90 percent cement and sand.

Hardie Siding Insulation

Most homes are insulated; however, many of them are inadequately insulated. Installing hardie board siding adds additional insulation to help preserve the home's indoor air temperature, electricity and natural gas.

Hardie Siding In BaltimoreHardie Board History

Hardie board, so named after James Hardie, was invented over a hundred years ago to protect homes from extreme elements. While other forms of siding are sufficient for their purposes, hardie board provides superior results. The only downside to hardie board, if it can be considered a downside, is that it is heavier than other types of siding, which requires the need for a hardie siding contractor. It is impervious to weather conditions, rot and other forms of damage, which makes it well worth the investment.

The weather gets rough from time to time throughout the year. The threat of hurricanes, rough winds, rain, hail and snow can cause a lot of damage to Maryland homes. It’s wonderful to have the option of hardie board that can mimic the look and feel of other types of siding but present the strength and durability of cement. Moreover, hardie board’s price is competitive with those of other siding. Contact us as your hardie board siding contractor to review your options and install hardie siding today. Click Here