Is Your Roof Making You Sick?

A major source of your sinus infections and cause of sicknesses is mold, but most homeowners are unaware of this fact. Mold can give you rashes, asthma attacks, weaken your immune system, give you symptoms of being sick, brain fog and general malaise. Apart from this, black mold can be deadly. You do not want mold in your house at any time. Once it is in your house, it is incredibly difficult to get rid of it, but there are some helpful ways to combat and prevent mold in your home. Let’s explore how.

Roof Repair

There are times you will just need roof repair, instead of full on roof replacement. The most common issues for roofs are punctures, which invariably leads to roof leaks. You want to avoid roof leaks because they will spread mold throughout your home quickly. Mold reproduces itself into spores. These float throughout the air seeking out suitable environments to grow. With a roof leak, or several, you’re looking at mold growing in the most unusual places. For instance, you could have mold growing in your ceiling or behind your walls. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of a leak because water travels from the point it enters through the roof. It is strongly advisable for you to schedule your roof inspection to find the source of your leaks and repair them quickly. Your roof repair cost will continue to increase the longer you put it off.

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A New Roof

There are times you will need a new roof, and this isn’t a problem. You can get roof financing, and grant programs can help you with your new roof cost. Roof replacement will help to protect your home from roof leaks, water damage, mold and high utility bills. Your new roof will actually save you money in the long-run. All roofing should be handled by a professional roofing contractor.

Attic Ventilation

You need adequate air ventilation to fight mold from spreading throughout your home. Air ventilation needs to occur through the home, but you need to keep your attic dry too. Attic ventilation also helps with cooling down your home and preventing ice dams during the colder months. Of course, you will need to repair any existing roof damage, but you need to keep in mind that ventilation is of the utmost importance.

Preventative Maintenance and New Roof Cost

It’s wise to have two roof inspections per year and to get preventative maintenance to handle any roof damage. This will help to reduce your roof costs in the end. It will also help you to avoid other damage in the home and reduce expenses in this manner as well.

Roofer Near Me

ReNew Home Designs, a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, can help you with in-house roof financing to assist you with your roof repair cost and new roof cost. They service several locations, so if you’re looking for a “roofer near me,” they can help you with your roofing project.

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