Your Roof Installation Timeline

We all know stories of roofers taking 6 weeks to install a roof, but it shouldn’t take that long unless there are some serious roof installation issues to take care of. Depending upon some factors, your total roof replacement project should take a few days. Below, we detailed your new roof timeline.

Roof Installation And Inspection

First off, you want to have two inspections per year. You will need one after the colder months and one right before the colder months. This will help you assess what was damaged during the fall and winter and whether you have any holes or missing shingles before the cold weather sets in again. If you haven’t scheduled regular inspections, this will add time to your overall roof replacement project. Depending upon you needs, you could be looking at roof repair or roof replacement. You will want to hire a reputable, licensed and certified roofer. The total time you call the roofing contractor in addition to the time you get an inspection should take less than a week. You can’t afford to chance your roof with the bad weather. This is why you should schedule your regular inspections ahead of time with Renew Home Designs.

Tear-Off For Roof Installation

Despite the stories you’ve heard about a roofer laying down shingles over an existing roof, it’s not advisable. The problems of the previous roof will not disappear with a new roof installed over it. The roof leaks will continue and your roof damage will get worse. What’s even worse is that the new roof you just paid for will quickly deteriorate too. You will want to keep your roof replacement cost as low as possible, so it means the roofing contractor you hire needs to do the job right the first time. Tear-off should only take about a day, and this depends on the roofing company you hire.

Roof Installation

Your installation should take about a day to accomplish. This includes making sure the roof decking is sound, laying down the moisture barrier and laying down your shingles.

Other Factors For Roof Installation

Some roofs are more complicated than others. If you have a lot of “extras” on your roof, like a chimney or multiple valleys, your roof can take a few extra days. Sometimes, there is extensive damage that impedes progress, which can cause a delay. No matter what, you want a professional roofing contractor who will your project right, and you want it done quickly.

Roofer Near Me

You might be tempted to look up a “roofer near me,” but we have a slightly better approach to find the best roofer. ReNew Home Designs is a “roofer near me,” but they are a GAF Master Elite Roofing Company who can do your inspection quickly, do your roof project the right way and has quality materials. Because they are a GAF Master Elite Roofing Company, they can give you an extended warranty on your roof.

Roof Cost For Roof Installation

ReNew Home Designs offers in-house roof financing to help you with your roof cost. It’s worth it to note that your roof cost will drastically increase the longer you put off your project. You can also look into several incentives to help with your roof replacement cost. ReNew Home Designs will also give you a fair roof replacement cost as well. Contact them today for your free inspection!

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