Replacing Vinyl Siding Can Increase Home Value

Vinyl siding is plastic exterior siding that is applied to a house, which is used for weatherproofing, decoration, imitating wood clapboard and used in place of other materials such as fiber cement siding or aluminum. When you replace siding, you add value and beauty to your home. Having a certified installer replace your old or damaged siding makes a huge difference in the resale value of your property.

Vinyl Siding Add Value and Benefits

Replacing siding can add value and benefits to your home. It is important to note; overall costs for replacing siding are much lower than if you were to install wood siding; in fact, installing siding is often thousands of dollars less than installing wood siding. ReNew Home Designs has 40+ types of siding that you can select from.

Vinyl Siding is Versatile

In addition, siding is quite versatile. Some may not know it; but siding now comes in a variety of textures, colors and profiles. Our certified siding consultants at Renew Home Designs will show you a wide variety of siding options.

• Most importantly, vinyl siding is more durable than other sidings.
• Vinyl siding can withstand the elements, especially heavy wind and hail.
• Also, vinyl is resistant against moisture. What this means to you as a homeowner is that it won’t rot or corrode over time.
• Some vinyl warranties provide a lifetime warranty; a warranty that is prorated for up to 40-50 years on future owners. Replace vinyl siding and find out how beautiful your home can be!

Vinyl Siding Replacement at Renew Home Designs Vinyl Siding is Maintenance-Free

What most homeowners love and appreciate about siding is that it is almost maintenance free. Siding also resists termites and rot and will keep its original look and appearance for many years. And, you will never have to paint you home. All you need to do to keep it looking great is to give it a good cleaning once a year.

Home Heating and Cooling Costs Are Lower

Replacing Vinyl Siding may also cut home heating and cooling costs.

• Insulated siding prevents heat loss by placing a blanket of protection over the studs.
• This kind of insulation will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
• Most importantly, insulated siding may, if you are eligible, give you energy tax credits.
• This will make it more economical to install.

Replacing Vinyl Siding is Not Easy

ReNew Home Designs Replace Vinyl Siding

Renew Home Designs Offers Vertical Siding in Maryland

Have it installed professionally. Today’s siding includes fade-resistant finishes and in most cases, a siding replacement job gives back at least 83% should you decide to sell your home at a later date.  Speak with one of our home improvement siding experts and find out how to replace vinyl siding.

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