Replacement Roof Repair In BelAir

Your Home's Exterior Wall Can Damage Your Roof

Replacement Roof Repair You might have some roof damage or roof leaks, or you may have considered a new roof, but did you know that your siding can cause roof damage? If the exterior of your home or your siding is damaged, you could have major issues with your roof. It might be time to call a roof contractor. Below, outlined are potential issues your roof could have if your home is in need of siding.

Damaged Siding

Damaged siding causes several issues for the home. Depending upon the type of siding that’s on a home, it could have an infestation of pests, water damage, cracks or otherwise show signs of damage that allows in moisture. Houses that have siding should have a vapor barrier, but vapor barriers can fail too. Damaged siding can spread damage to other parts of the home, resulting in roof damage and roof leaks. It is wise to have a roofing contractor do regular roof inspections, but you should also have your siding inspected. In addition to your siding purchase, you should either get roof repair or roof replacement if your roof has been damaged by your siding.


Soffits are the underside of the eaves of your home, which means they sit adjacent to your home’s exterior wall or siding. If either of these surfaces are damaged, it can spread to your soffits. This can and will affect your attic, everything within the attic and eventually spread to your roof.

Pest Damage

Pest damage in your siding or exterior wall of your home can cause issues with your roof. Your roof decking is made of wood, and most homes are constructed with wood. If termites or carpenter ants can be found nearby, they can quickly invade a home. Some types of pests can deteriorate wood in a home within a

few years. If pests aren’t dealt with quickly, you could be looking at constant roofing issues.

Moisture Issues

Moisture is the usual suspect for damage issues in the home. Water will damage your roof decking, siding, interior walls, drywall, wood joists, hardwood flooring, subflooring, furniture and many other surfaces. It’s for this reason that you need a vapor barrier around your home, which will help repel water from the exterior of the home while allowing the home to “breathe” out moisture. Vapor barriers promote indoor air quality and prevent mold issues.

Costs of Replacement Roof Repair or Siding Purchase

In the event you need funding for your roof replacement, roof repair or siding purchase, you can always seek the help with in-house roof financing. In addition, there are many incentives available for those who qualify on home improvements. It’s worth it to look into programs that will help you with your roof repair cost and new roof cost.

Roofer Near Me

ReNew Home Designs, a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, is an excellent choice as a “roofer near me.” They service several locations, and moreover, they are well-acquainted with your area and your home’s individual needs. As a GAF Master Elite Roof Contractor, you will receive an extended warranty on your new roof or any roofing project. They offer in-house roof financing to help you with your replacement roof repair cost and new roof cost.

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