4 Simple Roof-Inspecting Tips

There’s no better time to check on your roof than this spring time. This allows you to diagnose major repair problems early before they become costly repairs. A thorough roof inspection of your roof can save you a lot of money in the future. Here are some spring roof inspection tips in plain and simple layman English.

1. Clean the gutters SAFELY

The task of cleaning your gutter and roof inspection is dangerous. Injury could occur if you are not too careful about it. Safety is very important, especially when dealing with heights. Secure the ladder first at the top before you climb up to prevent it from slipping. Make sure the ladder is not damaged and placed on solid ground for stability.

yearly roof inspection 2. Remove debris from the gutters

Gutters have a tendency to get clogged up and this can lead to rain not draining properly. It is important to clean your gutters from any debris to keep that from happening and keep the water drain continuously. Also, if too much water stays on your gutters because of clogging, this can lead to damage to the roof’s fascia caused by too much weight.

  • Use a garden trowel when removing sticks, needles and large debris and dump it in a bucket
  • Wash off any residue with a hose and any other finer debris opposite the downspout
  • Do not remove any debris with a hose as this may cause clogging of your downspouts
  • Take off the gooey pastey stuff and anything that may signify fungi and algae growth

3. Look for damage during a roof inspection

Damages occurring on the roof may not be noted as often as it should be. Here are some of the things you need to check and see if it needs repair or replacing.

  • If there is blistering, buckling and curling of the shingles, then it needs to be replaced
  • Check for water damage in walls and ceilings
  • Check your chimneys and pipes for any leaks
  • Check for cracks on the roof
  • Check for soft or sponge-like spots that may signify a water leak
  • Check if light gets through the roof
  • Look for signs of rusting and corrosion on the roof
  • Check for chipping, missing and broken shingles that may be damaged due to extreme weather

4. Hire a Professional Roof Contractor

If you notice a major problem that requires immediate repair, hire a competent roofing contractor to fix it for you. If you are doubtful whether they can do the job well, ask people who have dealt with them before and ask about their workmanship.

Protect yourself by protecting your roof. It is best to do an inspection twice every year, especially during spring to make unavoidable major repairs. It just prepares your roof for the coming harsh winter months too. You would not want to find yourself climbing up the gutters in the cold. So, prepare before you find yourself with a damaged roof that may need expensive repairs in the future.

If you are interested in scheduling a free roofing inspection, Contact Renew Roofing and Windows today!

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