Does Your Old Roof Have Bugs?

Pests can pose serious issues for your roof. If you have seen honey bees, squirrels, termites, powderpost beetles, rats, mice, bed bugs, German cockroaches, silverfish, carpenter ants, fire ants and other pests around your home, you might have roof damage or you might need a new roof and not even know it.

Your Home Is Their Home

Some pests like to make their home within your home because it’s a nicer environment to live in. For instance, mice and rats particularly like raising their families in your home. Your home is stocked with food, crevices that mice and rats can squeeze through and places to make their nests. The issues with these types of pests is that they’re incredibly difficult to get rid of. As soon as a mouse makes a nest and leaves fecal matter behind, you can expect the same mouse to return to your house if you put it outside or others will come in because they are attracted to the smell. Other pests, like squirrels, just love the coziness of your attic and all its storage space for their food.

Wood Is Yummy for Their Tummies

Certain pests like to eat wood, like termites, but you’d be surprised to know that carpenter ants burrow through wood too. If you see a line of ants entering your home under the eaves or some other access point, they’re probably carpenter ants. You might need a new roof from damage to your wood decking.

The Issue with any Pest

Pests in your home burrow, chew, gnaw or otherwise damage your home for a variety of reasons. For instance, silverfish like to eat adhesives of all things, which can mean trouble for your shingle adhesive. This means that your roof is potentially compromised any time you see a pest. Naturally, you want to get rid of the pests, but you will need roof repair or roof replacement so that you can avoid damaging the rest of your home with roof leaks and water damage.

Roofer Near Me

You might be tempted to go with any “roofer near me” to get your roof fixed quickly. It is advisable to attend to your roof sooner than later, but you don’t want to just hire any roofer. All roofing should be done by a licensed roofing contractor. Roof damage and roof replacement are nothing to fool around with. Don’t rely on a roofing contractor if you can’t verify that they are licensed because your roof replacement project could end up costing you additional money in roof repair or some other form of damage to your home.

Roof Repair Cost and New Roof Cost

Roof financing can help you with your roof repair cost and new roof cost. ReNew Home Designs, who has in-house roof financing, can help assist you with your roof repair cost and new roof cost along with their roofing services. In addition, they are a GAF Factory-Certified Master Elite Roof Contractor. They can assist you with roof damage, roof leaks, roof replacement, roof repair and a host of other services. Contact them today for your free roof inspection.

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