How to Make Your Roof Rain Ready

All year round, your roof protects you from all kinds of atmospheric conditions such as heat, wind, snow, rain, dust and other elements of nature. It’s their job to do just that, and if they could talk they must be saying that it’s their pleasure to  be rain ready of service.

They are built to shield you from almost anything that nature sends your way, but they, too have limitations. After a certain period of time, they will be worn out, tired and ready to retire. We need to let go of them at some point, and replace with a fresher, stronger version so that our homes and families remain sheltered.

The roof is often easily neglected and taken for granted, just because they are situated at a less-accessed part of the house. Even if we sincerely want to check on it at times, setting up and going up the ladder is just not always accessible. Now that you have taken the first step- which is to take notice of that crucial house component- you are well on your way to making your roof rain ready.

How to Make Your Roof Rain Ready

Before you say goodbye to your roof, it is best to start taking care of it now. What is the best way to do this and how? Below are your guidelines.

Have A Regular Check Up Schedule

Allot a day of the month or year when you would take the time to go up there and check for any problems. This won’t take a full day, and depending on the age of your house, this may even just be a quick trip. A good frequency is to check two times a year, as encouraged by roof specialists.

When you are doing it, look for cracks, tears, bent spots, holes, paint that has chipped off and other things that look off and could cause leaks. You may even see areas that are not held down anymore which look like they would easily come off and fly off so take of that, too.

icon-decay new roofFix Problems At The Onset

Even when it’s not your check up schedule, once you notice your ceiling looking drenched, or cracked; or if you start to see leaks from any part of the wall or ceiling, it’s a good time to go up there and check where the problem is coming from.

Once you see the source, fix it right there and then- don’t delay it anymore. Just like in health, prevention is better than cure, and by fixing the small problems you are able to prevent major disasters that could happen right in the middle of a heavy downpour or a storm which is more challenging to make repairs. Consult an expert roofer at Renew Home Designs to get the job done to ensure longevity of the repair.

Check The Shingles

The gutter is usually left unchecked even when the roof is given the right amount of protection. Many people think that as long as the roof is alright, the gutters are fine as well. This is a connotation that has to change and the shingles should be treated as a separate material because it is.

Even if your roof is well-maintained, if your gutter is damaged, you could still suffer a house complication. Checking that it’s attached well to your roof and that no unwanted elements are in the way are the two key things to note in your gutters.

Making your roof rain ready is easy if you allocate a few minutes or hours a few times a year. With these brief how-to’s, your house will always remain ready for the rain in no time.

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