Hidden Signs of Damaged Siding

Other than your insulation and the exterior walls of your home, your siding is the only thing protecting you from the outside world. Your siding, or a lack of it, can affect your home, pocketbook, comfort and safety drastically. If your home has damaged siding or no siding, you will need to get siding. It’s important to note that not all siding is the same, however.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Among all of the siding options you have on the market, insulted vinyl siding adds the most protection from the elements. It offers superior insulation over other products. That said, it’s not the only form of insulation you should have for your home. You still need to ensure your home as a high R-value in insulation as well.

Damaged Siding

You might notice damage in your siding, but some of the signs are hard to spot. For instance, nails that have popped out are an indication that you need new siding. Rot, mold and water stains are other signs. If you notice that your utility bills have increased, it could be an indication that your siding isn’t protecting your house the way it should.

Siding Contractor on roof

You Insulation Value

The insulation value of your home essentially boils down to how separated you are from outdoor temperatures and elements. While insulated vinyl siding won’t correct all of your issues, it will help to add insulation to your home, protect the exterior of your home from wind and hail, protect your home from pests, keep your home free of mold and other moisture issues due to its vapor barrier, and there are aesthetic benefits as well. Vapor barriers keep moisture out, but you will need to take other precautions. Keep in mind that you will also need to ensure adequate air ventilation in your home as well to remain free from mold.

You siding can cause issues for your roof, which can ultimately lead to needing roof replacement before it’s due. Your roof will stay in good condition, but that’s only if you take care of it. Roof shingles can get damaged from damaged siding by allowing water into the roof system or the interior of the home. ReNew Home Designs, a GAF Master Elite Roofing Company, can assist you with your siding and roofing issues.

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