How to Repair a Leaking Roof On Your Own

One part of the house that is very important is the roof. This includes the roofing sheet, gutter, roof framing such as the trusses and the web members, and the insulation. These parts of the roof must be maintained at least every two or three years. If neglected you will encounter roofing problems such as roof leaks, tenting, blow-offs, billowing, ponding waters, shrinkage, and blistering.
The following are the ways on how to fix the leaking roof or any part of the roof:

Track the Leaking Roof

The first thing you must do is to search the leak. You can do this by searching the inside of your house with a flashlight. Look for the evidence. These include black marks, mold, rotten wood, or discolored felt paper. If in case you cannot see any of these marks, you may go up on the roof. Bring a garden hose. Call a helper and let him observe the inside of the house.

TLeaking Roof Repair Consultantshen soak the area or the roof with water. Wait for the drop to appear. You must also tell your helper to inform you when a drop becomes evident and remember which part of the roof has a leak. Once you have found the leak, you may put a nail in the hole temporarily. This is for the small holes that cause leaks. The leaks may also come from step flashing, on wall or dormer, roof vents, rotted sheets and around the chimney.

Patching the Small Holes

The small holes are caused by misplaced roofing nails or exposed nails. These should be pulled. And the holes must be patched. You can patch the holes by flashing.

Fixing Leaking Roof the Step Flashing Problem

The step flashing that is not nailed can slip down. This may cause leaks on the wall. To remedy this problem, you have to remove the shingles that are aligned on the leaking step flashing. Then remove the existing step flashing and replace them with new one. Do not forget to nail the step flashing properly.

Leaking Roof Repair ConsultantsRepairing a Plumbing Vent Flashing Leaks

This vent leak is caused by loose or missing nails or a cracked gasket. If the plumbing vent boot is made of metal, you may check it for a broken seam. If you have found cracks or broken seam, you have to replace it with a new one. If there are only missing nails and the vent boot is still in good condition, just change them with the rubber washer screws that are used for metal roofing system. Be careful too when you replace the vent so that the other shingles or roofing sheets will not be damaged.

Leaking Roof on the Chimneys

The problem with chimneys is the flashing around the chimney rusts. The rusting will cause a leak. The simple fix for this problem is to put a new flashing underneath the old blemished flashing.

The most common roof problem that can cause major damage is roof leaks. The causes of this roof problem are rotted sheathing and framing, mold, misplaced nails or loose nails, among others. If this is not repaired immediately, there would be leaking inside your house especially when it rains. The ceilings and the insulation might be damaged too as the water will run on these areas and moisten them. It is advisable that you have to repair the leaking roof right away.

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