Green Roof Replacement

The next time you need roof replacement, you can feel pretty good about yourself. If you haven’t heard of all of the “green” ways you can get roof replacement, put off contacting a “roofer near me” for a bit because you need to read this. 

Recycled Material

Your old roof doesn’t have to end up in a landfill somewhere. In fact, you want to hire a roofing company that will recycle as much as your old roof as possible. Asphalt shingles can be used for your driveway, and they can be used for highway paving jobs too. Things that end up at the landfill can take an impossible amount of time to break down. We end up using a large amount of space and have fumes leaking up out of the ground. When we can reuse or re-purpose things, we live in a cleaner world. 

Say Bye-Bye to Electricity Costs

You have the ability to naturally lower the indoor temperature of your home with roof replacement. In the past, it was done with light-colored shingles. Now, the same thing can be done with a special reflective coating. The sun heats up things through radiant heating. This form of heating penetrates objects and heats them, which is not so great for your roof, your home and your ever-increasing electricity bill. By reflecting the sunlight away from the home, it stays cooler. If you have an old roof and the insulation or ventilation in your attic is substandard, you need relief quick! 

Save Our Resources

When you recycle your old roof and switch to a “cool roof,” you are helping the environment in so many ways:
• You reduce the amount of materials that have to be made in the future, which helps to reduce pollution in the air, gasoline and electricity. 
• You save electricity usage with your air conditioner, which also reduces pollution and gasoline in the production of electricity. About 70 percent of the electricity generated is lost en route to its destination. Your air conditioner voraciously consumes this electricity in an effort to cool your home. 

Avoid DIY 

You will need a roofer to help you with your new roof. An estimated 2 thousand people fall of their roofs each year. It's not something you can leave to chance. A roofer or roofing company will have the necessary knowledge to professionally complete your new roof. 

Roof Cost

You don't have to fear your roof cost. There are grant programs, and you may have the option of roof financing to help you with your roof cost. In addition, your roof replacement cost might be much lower than you think. If you hire just any “roofer near me,” your roof replacement cost could be extremely high. A roofer might quote you a low price, but they might skimp on materials too. This could lead to roof damage down the road. At the end of the day, you want a fair price, and you want someone who will do your roof right because it needs to protect you and your loved ones. 

Roofing Contractor

You need a new roof, but you can’t hire just any “roofer near me.” You need a roofing contractor who will care about your roof, your home and the environment. ReNew Home Designs is a roofing company that cares about you, your roof and the environment. They recycle as much material as they can. They are also a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, which means they are highly trained and carry a good reputation in the community. You won’t pay the total of your roof replacement cost until they are completely done with your project. Contact us today!

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