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Replacement windows can add beauty and lasting value to your home.  Of course, they also make your home more efficient and save tremendous amounts of money too.

At ReNew Home Designs we bring the whole market to you.  Finding the right replacement window for your home can be a challenge.  There are literally hundreds of options to choose from.

Part of the challenge is the industry itself.  Most of the big window replacement companies carry only one brand or manufacturer of replacement windows.  This means that they are pushing a brand of window whether it’s the right one for you or not.  We take a different approach.  We carry a wide range of products to suit your needs.  All of our manufacturers focus exclusively on replacement windows rather than new construction windows so you can rest assured that they are made for your home.

There are four main benefits to replacing your old windows.

1.They will make your home more comfortable

Replacement windows will eliminate uncomfortable drafts that have you grabbing a blanked in cold weather.  Advances in installation technology and seal technology have made it possible to completely seal out the cold drafts that we all lived with for years.

Replacement windows will also eliminate heat transfer through the glass itself.  Newer glazing technologies have reduced heat transmission to almost nothing.  Reflecting the Sun’s heat back out and your heat back in will save money.  I will also reduce expensive and harmful fading of furniture and household items.

2.They will add value to your home

The most trusted source in our industry, Remodeling Magazine, tells us that in Maryland, we recoup over 74% of the cost of the cost of a replacement window installation.  This is using the retail price of windows.  Depending on the time of year and the discounts available, you can often purchase windows and see a 100% recoup of the investment in your home’s value.

3.They will make your home more beautiful.

Some of the windows that we offer are simply stunning.  We have genuine wood windows in a variety of species of wood and hardware finishes.  We have maintenance-free vinyl windows that closely mimic the profile and look of wood windows at a substantial savings.   The bottom line is that replacing your windows is not just a functional upgrade.  They make your home more enjoyable to be every day.

4.They will save you money and energy

New double pane and triple pane replacement windows can be literally 10 times (that’s more than 1,000% !) more efficient than windows made just 25 years ago.  These savings adds up quickly.  By using the newest technology, new replacement windows allow almost all visible light through the glass package while reflecting heat like a mirror.  This does two things.  In the summer, it reflects the sun’s heat back outside, keeping your home cool.   In the winter, this reflective coating will keep the heat generated by your heating system in your home, rather than pass through the window.

This can save thousands of dollars in energy and pay for the windows over time.

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