Bad Gutters Can Damage Your Home

Gutters can become a nuisance to homeowners when they begin to leak. They often think that the function of a gutter system is to prevent water leaking on them. However, it serves a much greater purpose. Gutter repair and replacement needs to be done a soon as possible when there are issues and maybe done even before the roof replacement.

The Purpose of Gutters

Gutters direct water away from the home. This is important because without gutters, the home will become damaged in many ways. The pitch of a home’s roof causes water to go Replacement Gutters downward to the edge where the fascia sits. Without gutters, the water runs over this fascia, hits the exterior walls, hits the home’s siding, runs onto decking and other areas, surrounds the home’s perimeter, causes flooding in the yard and causes flooding within the home. Indeed, rain gutters do more than keep homeowners dry. It might be time to replace gutters.

Problems with Gutters

It's time for gutter repair and replacement when there are issues. Rain gutters can become clogged with debris, warp, sag, fall, break and leak. All of these issues will eventually lead to water damage in some form because they cannot effectively protect the home from water. Certain surfaces, such as wood, are highly susceptible to water damage. You may be in need of roof replacement too.

Water Damage

Water damage is a huge concern. It results in warping and changing the surface of areas so that they’re permanently damaged and are more susceptible to other issues, like mold or rot. Unless a home is covered with hardie board siding, it is likely to be damaged by water. Water can leak into the home if the exterior of the home does not have adequate water runoff. Items that are damaged by water will need replacing. After a fire, people are surprised to find out that may of their belongings are damaged by the water used to extinguish the fire. Drywall, subflooring and other parts of the home have to be replaced when they are damaged by water. After water damage occurs, a home almost always gets mold as well. Contact ReNew to be your roof contractor to avoid water damage. We can help with gutter repair and replacement.

Replacement GuttersGutter repair and replacement is such a wise and easy thing to do. It helps to protect the home from water, which means gutters have to be installed properly, and they have to function properly as well. Give ReNew a call to be your roof contractor to ensure your gutters are installed properly. As your contractor, we will make sure your gutters are done properly, and we will inform you of whether you are in need of roof replacement.

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