Financing At ReNew Home Designs

The right financing can make the difference between putting off a needed roof replacement and getting it done when you need to.  Putting of a roof can lead to thousands of dollars in extra damages.  Waiting on the new windows you have been wanting for years can waste thousands of dollars in energy savings.  With the financing options that we offer there is no reason to delay.

 No Money Down

At ReNew, all of our projects come with the peace of mind of a standard No Money Down Satisfaction Guarantee.  This means that you don’t pay anything at all until you are satisfied with your project.

Cash/Check Discounts

We have special discounts for our customers that pay with cash or check. (must be configured when estimate is given)

Deferred Payment Plans* and Same as Cash financing

We have monthly budget plans that allow for our customers to complete the home improvement projects they need.  These plans are very popular over the fall and winter.  During these times of the year, the elements are particularly damaging to our homes.  Same as Cash financing give our customers the flexibility to replace and old leaky roof or windows and pay with next year’s tax return or annual bonus.  Ask us about our seasonal specials.

The Cost Of A New RoofLow Rate and Low Minimum Payment** 

Sometimes the flexibility to have the lowest rate and payment is more important than putting off a payment.  Having the lowest rate possible can save thousands of dollars over the life of a loan.  We know how to structure your financing so it suits your long term goals.

Credit Issues or No Credit

We have a variety of banks who specialize in second chance financing options.  If you have had challenges contractor repair financing problems in the past, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Don’t Let Challenged Credit Keep You From Getting A Roof Replacement or Your Siding Replaced.

Roof replacement loans for people with bad credit are available in Maryland. Did you know that you could qualify to get your roof replaced or new siding for your home improvement even with challenged credit or past credit problems?

Many feel that they need to have good or excellent credit to have a home improvement loan approved for them. But this is not the case anymore. Many homeowners are having exterior work completed on their homes by getting a home improvement loan even with credit challenges.

We Can Help With Credit Issues

In the past few years, there has been changes in the way that credit scoring has worked. Things that one may assume are really good for their credit, or once were, are not having as big of an impact as they once did. This also stands true for things that once really hurt a credit score.

These things might not have as big of an impact as they did before. Rest assured that even if you have credit issues, you might still be able to get a loan to replace your roof. Even if you have filed for bankruptcy in the past, a homeowner should see if they can get the financing they need to make updates and improvements on their existing home.

* Interest accrues during the promotional period, but all interest is waived if the purchase balance is paid in full before the expiration of the promotional period.
**Subject to credit approval. Ask for details.