4 Tips to Help You Remove Roof Ice Dams

Are you facing the problem of ice damming? If so, then you are not a lot as many homeowners are facing in the world today. A roof ice dam is the amount of ice forming at the end of the roof thus preventing the snow from melting but accumulating becoming hard to drain away.

The water from snow will form around the pool of ice thus leaking into your home hence causing havoc to your walls, floors, ceilings and the roof. This is an issue that if not properly contained will lead to health problems of the people living in the house. Below are the sure tips that will help you remove ice dam from your roof.

Tip #1: Eliminate Fuel Source From Roof Ice Dam
First, with the use of the snow rake remove all the ice and snow. Reduction of the main factors of ice damming will reduce the problems caused. If you try to leave the ice and snow the more piled they will be; hence the more leaking to your roof.

baltimore roof ice dam removal To remove roof ice dams from your roof so that the snow and ice smoothly consider the use of snow rake; snow rake is long enough to remove all the ice and snow, standing on the ground or a raised ground. Never stand on the roof or any ladder; this will reduce the risk of coming in contact with the ice when the roof ice dam breaks.

Tip #2: Use De-icer Product
Most of this products are sold in the home improvement stores in either tablet or crystal form to help you reduce the amount of ice on your roof. The de-icer products are recommended because of the chemical composition; ammonia sulfate, calcium magnesium acetate or potassium chloride.

Basically, with the reader’s instructions you need to sprinkle or place them on the top of your gutter. The products will act by melting the ices into water hence creating a breakthrough for them to drain inform of water. Another simple way to use de-icer chemicals is filling these products in the old stockings or panty hose. Place the pack chemicals on the gutters and this will leak all the water using the stocking or hose. The only problem is that you need to be cautious on the position and keep on changing.

Tip #3: Don’t Heat the Roof
To successfully prevent the roof ice dams, it’s prudent to reduce the heat on the roof. This is because the use of heat will produce a lot of water thus leaking to your roof, wall or ceilings. The method you should apply makes sure its removes the ice when intact.

Maintain the temperatures to considerate levels of 30 F so as not to let the warm air to rise into the attic of your house. Experts have the exposition that when the heat is passed through the attic this prevents ice dams from reducing.

Tip #4: Insulate The areas Between The Roof and Rafter

This is very important as controls the air space in an attempt to prevent condensation build up which can damage the roof deck. This is possible be reducing the space between the roof deck and insulation.

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