Your New Cool Roof

How much you can save on utility costs depends on a few factors, but one of the ways you can expect to save a substantial amount of money is to get a new roof. Specifically, a cool roof.

Your Cool New Roof

A cool roof uses an innovative infrared design to reflect radiant heat away from the home. The sun’s rays have the ability to penetrate surfaces, which causes them to heat up. Your new roof will reflect this heat and sunlight away from the house, which helps to keep the roof cooler. This also keeps the house cooler. People often think that if they create shade on the inside of their homes, it will keep their homes cooler. This is not the case. You want to prevent the exterior of the home from heating up because this prevents heat from entering the home.  Timberline® Cool Series ShinglesYour cool roof will stay minimally 50 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than most other roofs. Timberline® Cool Series® Shingles
Timberline® Cool Series Shingles can help reduce cooling energy costs.* They are highly reflective to help reduce temperatures in your attic. According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, cool roofs may save homeowners an average of 7-15% on total cooling costs.*

New Cool Roof Colors

In the past, a cool roof had to be a light color, but in recent years, you have a wide selection to choose from. Dark colors are largely preferred in the US, which makes this form of technology an excellent choice. With increasing temperatures, it’s good to know that a cool roof decreases the surrounding air temperature by helping to prevent the urban heat island phenomenon.

Greener Living Roofs

Because a cool roof helps to reduce energy expenses in the home, the overall effect is using less of our precious resources. An estimated 70 percent of electricity is lost by the time it reaches a household, and it takes a substantial amount of it to power an air conditioner. If this can be reduced, it help to sustain our environment. A cool roof reduces pollution, improves air quality within the home and outside of the home, and it helps to protect against brown outs.

Roof Financing

Roof financing is available to many homeowners. There are grant programs available too for those who opt for a cool roof. Contact ReNew Home Designs today to get your free roof inspection and discover your roof options.

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