No One Tells You About Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage is a real concern for your home. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re safe from it. Water issues can happen at any moment. Water can enter the home from floods, hurricanes, any sort of damage in the roof, pipe bursts and other issues. This means you have to take extra measures, such as calling a roofer, to protect your loved ones, your home and your belongings. Consider these least known facts about water and your home.

Water Damage

Water damage is more expensive than contacting a roofing contractor to get roof replacement because most of the time water damage cannot be repaired. It damages surfaces such that they have to be replaced. Everything is jeopardized once water enters your home. You simply cannot afford to have it.

Your Roof

Your roof has the potential to protect you, your loved ones, your home and your belongings from horrible water damage and other issues, but it won’t protect you if it has any sort of failure. You can expect your roof cost to increase the longer you put off your leaks. You need to get two inspections a year by a reputable roofing company and make sure it is watertight. Roof replacement should serve as your first means of home protection, but you also need to consider the walls of your home. ReNew Home Designs, a GAF Master Elite

water damage

Roofing Contractor, can assist you with roof replacement, as well as siding, door and window replacement to make your home watertight.

Gutters Causes Roof Water Damage

Your gutters help your roof and the rest of your home. This means that they have to function properly. At any moment, you could have thousands of gallons of water channeling down your gutters, which means they have to be clean, but they also have to be sound. Your gutters need a slope of half an inch per ten feet.

Water Barrier Causes Roof Water Damage

You will need a water barrier for your roof and for your siding. Without a water barrier or siding, your home can experience water seepage, which you want to avoid.

Run-Off Causes Roof Water Damage

Your gutters help to divert water away from the roof and your siding, but your downspout needs to work adequately too. Your downspout needs to be sound, clear from debris and run at least 6 feet away from the house to allow for run-off. However, if the soil around your home is higher than your home, you risk flooding your home. You need a way for water to run off your property.

Roof Replacement Cost

Don't fear your roof replacement cost. Your roof replacement cost should be fair. Your roof cost for repairs should also be fair. It can be covered by grant programs, and you have roof financing to consider for your roof cost.

Roofer Near Me

ReNew Home Designs, a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, is the only roofer you need to contact. They will make your home watertight. Don't gamble by searching for a "roofer near me." Searching for "pizza near me" is a good solution, but you can't afford to risk your roof to a "roofer near me." You want a professional roofing company and roofer who will do your new roof the right way. Even if you don't need a new roof, you might be in need of roof repair to fix your issues. ReNew Home Designs is the only roofing company you need to handle your new roof and roof repair.

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