Vinyl Siding Colors I Love

Vinyl Siding Colors I Love

When considering replacement siding, you should also consider one of the most beautiful qualities of vinyl siding is that it maintains its color throughout the years. It will still look new many years down the road, which often can outlast any paint job. This makes choosing the color all-the-more important. The good news is that vinyl siding comes in virtually any color, and there is no bad news. You only have to consider which vinyl siding colors are best for your home and your needs.


Before you begin to tackle which color you want on your home, look into HOA rules and other regulations on what vinyl siding colors your home can be. You might have to stick to a certain color or otherwise stay within uniformity in some way. Siding replacement is wonderful, but you don’t want to do the job twice should the HOA have something to say about it.

Vinyl Siding ColorsMood

You have probably heard how color impacts your mood, and it does. Your home is the one place in the world you should be free to have absolute expression. Your home is your haven in the world, and it should make you feel good. Depending upon your personality and color tastes, you may wish for something serene like a stormy blue, but if you crave and feed off of excitement, a vibrant green might be a good match for you. Contact us, as your vinyl siding contractor, to discuss your color options. Take a moment to look at each one, and discover how each one impacts you. The color of your home says a lot about your personality.

The Weather

Darker exterior vinyl siding colors attract heat while brighter vinyl siding colors bounce off heat. The sun has a unique way of heating things. It is done through radiant heating, which means the sun heats things directly. Since this form of heating relies on light waves, the color of the home determines how much it is heated. Depending on your home’s needs and your comfort needs, you might wish to use a darker color or a lighter color. The color of your home can increase energy-saving costs. Again, as your vinyl siding contractor, we can discuss these options with you to make your home optimally comfortable.

It’s an exciting and perfect time to install vinyl replacement siding before the warmer months set in. Many people are experiencing special incentives for siding installation. Contact us immediately as your vinyl siding contractor to discuss your siding replacement color options.

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