Understanding Vinyl Siding

If you build it, you’ll enjoy your home. Actually, if you have insulated vinyl siding installed, you will thoroughly enjoy your home in a multitude of ways. The R-value in your home is additive, which means if you use two different materials with two different R-values together, you can add those R-values together. If you have a high R-value insulation in your walls with 2X6’s, you may wish to add to this R-value with insulated vinyl siding. Homes that experience extreme heat and cold benefit the most from insulated vinyl siding.

vinyl siding colors loveA Cooler Home

“R-value” refers to the resistance of heat transferring through an object or material. Different insulated vinyl siding types have different R-values, but it’s one of the best types of siding to put on a house to substantially increase the home’s R-value. In the summer, heat is less likely to enter the home with insulated vinyl siding, which keeps it cooler and prevents the air conditioner from working harder to keep the home cool. This means you will use far less electricity.

A Warmer Home

In the winter, you will have less heat leaving your home, which saves on various types of heat sources, whether you use natural gas, electricity, wood or pellets for heating. Not only can you expect to save on your utility bills, but you are helping the environment too, which makes it a “greener” solution on saving resources.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Insulated vinyl siding doesn’t need to be painted as often as a home without vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is very resistant to denting and other forms of damage. This reduces a homeowner’s need to regularly maintain the exterior of the home. In most cases, all that’s needed is a simple spray-down with the hose.

Less Pests

Insulated vinyl siding doesn’t experience termite and carpenter ant damage like other types of siding, and it’s harder for pests to gnaw through in order to get into the home. This keeps your home cleaner and prevents harmful diseases from getting into your home.


Insulated vinyl siding streamlines the appearance of any house. Houses that have insulated vinyl siding installed immediately look cleaner, sturdier and sound. You'd be surprised to know that you have a wide selection of beautiful colors to choose with insulated vinyl siding.

It’s time to get started on your insulated vinyl siding project today, and start saving on those utility bills!

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