Residential Roof Replacement Warranty

The job is done, and your newly installed roof looks beautiful. The crew has left and everything is all cleaned up, so all that is left is for you to understand how to protect your newest asset. A warranty is designed to protect that investment, which must have cost you several thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

There several items that are specified in any residential single roof replacement warranty, and they include the type of roof covering and color, materials that are included in the work such as the underlayment, the scope of the work to be done and the installation method. The start and end dates of the warranty are also specified as well as the payment procedures and most importantly, the length of the roof warranty and what is covered.

Residential roof warranties usually have two parts: coverage against the manufacturing defects in the products and materials used, and coverage against workmanship errors.

Roof Replacement WarrantyCoverage for manufacturing defects
All manufacturers have to provide a guarantee against manufacturing defects (material failure) for all their roofing products. For the asphalt shingles, the period of coverage is usually lengthy starting from about 20 years to lifetime coverage, depending on the manufacturer.

The warranty on the other products that were used during the roof installation can vary from a few months to a lifetime. Most of them have significantly shorter warranties compared to that of the shingles, and in the event a defect in them causes a problem in the roof, you may find that your coverage falls short. So some roofing companies will provide coverage for the entire roofing system, including any problems that may be caused by the material failure, but most usually limit themselves to their workmanship.

Workmanship warranty
The workmanship warranty covers you against any problems that may occur with your roof as a result of poor installation methods. Most of these warranties range from 3-5 years, but others may be longer. If, say, leaks occur during this period, the contractor or company will undertake repairs at no cost to the roof owner whatsoever.

If the roof fails after the warranty period elapses, and while the shingles are still under warranty, you will have to pay for labor costs. However, as long as the contractor was professional and did a good job, the roof will last for many years.

Other points you should understand
In most cases, the shingles and the workman’s warranties will not cover problems and damages caused by acts of God. Such acts include tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, lightning, and earthquakes.

Most Roof Replacement Warranty will also not cover acts of negligence, vandalism, abuse or misuse and accidents. If your roof is damaged as a result of a structural failure, then you may have to pay for the repair costs yourself.

Most people never take the time to seriously study and understand their residential shingle roof replacement warranties. Consequently, they end up incurring extra costs for what the manufacturers or the contractors should have covered. Save yourself unnecessary expenses on your Roof Replacement Warranty by knowing your warranty inside out.

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