Types of Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is beautiful, but many homeowners don’t know there are a few types of cedar siding to consider. Cedar is a wonderful hardwood that adds to the protection of the home. It also adds beauty and structurally adds strength to the home. However, there are some types of cedar siding to consider, such as cedar shingles and cedar shakes. There are other considerations to make as to the aesthetic properties. All in all, cedar beautifies the home. Consider what’s available.

Cedar Shingle vs. Cedar Shake

cedar sidingThe difference between cedar shingle and cedar shake used to be more evident because of the way cedar was processed between the two options. Shingles were processed to make more uniform cuts, while shakes were rustically split. Shakes, traditionally, allowed for more heat the exit the home and a greater way for the elements to enter the home. Now, it is more difficult to separate the two. Although, it is still true to some extent that shingles provide greater R-value to the home. Increasing the insulation in your home will save you a substantial amount of money down the road. It may be worth your time to discover what type of insulation you have within your walls. If you have adequate existing insulation, you may wish to go with cedar shake siding instead.

Other Differences in Cedar Siding

cedar siding diamondCedar can be cut in a variety of ways to take on a variety of looks for the home. Contact us to view your options. There are other differences in cedar siding. For instance, there are different types of species of cedar to consider. The grade you choose can affect how smooth your shingles or shakes are. Cedar finish is another consideration to explore. The finish you choose can add to your home’s overall protection. A solid finish can help to keep out the elements better. So, the look you want on your home determines the type of finish you choose, since one is more transparent than the other.

Siding is a wonderful addition to a home. Cedar is just one option of siding. There are other types of wood available, and many people opt for vinyl siding. Siding increases the R-value in the home, which translates to a savings in energy costs during the summer and a reduction in heating costs in the colder months. Contact us immediately to discuss your siding options.

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