Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Roof

There are some definite “no-no’s” you shouldn’t do with your roof, but people seem to do them anyway. Approximately 2 thousand people die a year from falling off their roofs. Many more, end up with broken bones and other injuries. Take it from professionals of what not to do because the consequences are too great.

Walking on Your Roof

People think they need to get up on their roofs to inspect them, and they may have done this many times before. The thing is, there is wind, slippery surfaces, dust and gravity. Combine any one of these factors and others, and you could fall. Hire a professional roofing contractor to do your inspection. You won’t have the specialized tools and meters they do to measure moisture and other issues that affect your roof. Besides this, you risk cracking tile and scraping granules from your shingles.

Trying to Figure out the Source of a Leak

If you can see water stains in your ceiling, that’s a sure give-away that you have a leak, but finding that leak may prove troublesome. It’s incredibly hard to find the origin of a leak. See, roofs have a pitch, so a leak may or may not originate directly over a water stain in your ceiling. The water could have traveled as much as 20 feet by the time it reaches your ceiling. Without a roof inspection, you probably won’t discover where this leak is. Roof repair for roof leaks need to happen as quickly as possible because roof leaks will always continue to get worse. Your roof repair cost will also continue to increase the longer your put it off.

Failure to Remove Tree Limbs

Trees sway in the wind, which means their limbs can hit the sides of your house and your roof. Also, pests, like that cute little squirrel you see outside, love to enter your attic and pounce around on your roof. They access your roof and attic from the same tree limbs. They also cause roof damage. Roof damage always gets worse. Trim them several feet away from your house.


You will want to leave your roofing to professionals. If you are need of roof replacement or roof repair, you will need to get your new roof done sooner than later because your new roof cost will continue to increase the longer you put it off. Roof financing can help you with your roof replacement cost. In addition, grant programs can help you with your new roof cost.

Going Green

If you like the idea of "going green," there are many options for you. Your new roof will last longer than "standard" ones because the cooling effect helps shingles to last longer. Your roof replacement cost will be initially higher, but it will drastically reduce your energy bills.

ReNew Home Designs Roofing Contractor

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