The Seven Questions Window Contractor In Columbia

There are things homeowners need to ask to make sure that they are getting good service. Getting to know the window contractor in Columbia is just as important is getting to know their services.

Just looking at deals and pricing cannot determine if a contractor will give a homeowner their money's worth. Talking with a salesperson or even the owner of a window contractor company can help determine if they are the right fit for the job.

The salesperson must be enthusiastic about what he or she does. If the salesperson does not it may be a problem, as their mood is usually a reflection of their work output. An enthusiastic contractor does their work well.

The salesperson should also know a lot about their work. They must be knowledgeable about all aspects of their work. Even if a homeowner is only looking to get new windows installed, they should also ask questions about other services.

The Seven Important Questions


Question #1

The first question a homeowner needs to ask a window contractor is about their company itself. The homeowner should ask about the full name and address. Getting these information is important in determining some important factors.

Getting the full name lets a homeowner search for them on the Internet. Reviews and testimonials for their window installation and replacement services can be found online.

Knowing the address of the company can help in determining the time of business of a potential contractor. If a contractor is far away that may be a problem. This is because it might take them a long time to travel to and from their work.

Question #2

It is also important to know if the contractor carries insurance. This may be one of the most important question to ask a potential window contractor. Contractors that follow safety guidelines are more trusted.

It is cheaper to hire contractors who don't carry insurance, but in case of an accident it will be far more costly. This is why insurance is a must have for potential contractors.

Contractors may not be insured because of a number of reasons. They may be uninsured because they are not full time contractors or because they are self employed.

They may also not have insurance because they are a new contractor or because they operate as a partnership. They may also not avail of insurance because they do not stand behind their work. Another reason is because they simply cannot afford getting insurance premiums.

Question #3

The third question a homeowner should ask the window contractor in Columbia  is about the license of a contractor. Hiring an unlicensed contractor may prove to be a problem. Unlicensed contractors may produce subpar work, which is more costly in the long run. Licenses also show knowledge on what they do.

A homeowner should ask about the various programs of a contractor. If a contractor is licensed they should offer a wider variety of services. This also shows their professionalism and credibility. These are important in choosing the right contractor.

Question #4

The next question to ask is about how long the window contractor in Columbia has been in business. A window contractor who has been in business for less than three years are usually a gamble because they may still be low on the learning curve. And this could present a lot of problems.

References come in handy here as experience is very important in choosing the best contractor to do a certain project. Young contractor companies have a lot of potential, but it is still better to make sure of their services.

Question #5

The fifth thing to ask is about recent referrals and references. A potential window contractor should provide more or less 10 references that they have worked on in the past year.

A homeowner can ask a window contractor in Columbia for a list of names and phone numbers of the people the contractor has worked for in the past 12 months. The homeowner can then get referrals from these people as well as reviews on the work.

Question #6

It is also important to ask about the warranty provided by a contractor for their services. Window contractor in Columbia usually provide warranty on their services for about a year or so.

The length of the warranty is not as important as their ability to stand behind the warranty itself. If a contractor is confident about the warranty, then he or she knows that the work they do is of high quality.

Those who give short term warranty should generally be avoided. This is because there is a chance that they provide low quality work that will not last very long.

Question #7

The seventh question a homeowner should ask is about how a window contractor in Columbia handles complaints. Homeowners can ask for a referral to a job of the contractor that involved a complaint.

Asking how the complaint was resolved shows the contractor's reliability. Homeowners can also check a contractor's reputation with the Better Business Bureau or BBB. Good customer service is a plus for any contractor.

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