11 Maintenance Tips for your Roof

baltimore md roofersYour roof is just as important as any other part of the house. Without it, we wouldn’t bear the heat of the sun, the downpour of rain and stormy winds, the harsh winter, and more seasonal environmental changes. The roof takes all the wear and tear above you to protect you. So, it’s time to give back to your beloved roofs and here are some tips on how to properly maintain it.

Here’s How to Check Your Roof:

  • A visual inspection of your roof is very important and the perfect time to do just that is when you’re cleaning up the gutters.

  • If you see any missing or damaged shingles, you can have it replaced as soon as possible or hire somebody more competent for the job at hand.

  • Look for signs of a fungus or algae. The most prominent signs are moss formation on the roof and ceiling. You can use zinc or lead control strips to address this problem and kill any mass-causing fungus or algae.

  • If rusting occurs on the metal areas of your roof, use a wire brush to scrub it off. Then repaint the area.

  • If there are any cracks on the mortars or chimneys present, seal it as soon as possible, it might that it’s beginning to deteriorate and it needs care and attention.

  • Check for signs of leaking, dark-spotted areas, mold-formation and dampness, take action or call a roofing contractor as this may go into bigger problems in the future.

  • Prevent ice dams before they start by insulating the attic well if you have one. Ice dams are hard to remove but if you’re up to the challenge you can use trowels, roof rakes, brooms, and other long-handled devices.

  • When cleaning your gutters, remove any obstructive objects like twigs, leaves, and other debris as these can cause damage to roof shingles and may even result to mold-formation if not tended occasionally.

  • If you like planting your trees around the house, do a regular trim off the branches. This prevents raccoons and squirrels to go up the roof and prevent your roof from the damage the branches may cause.

  • Use a snow rake when pulling snow from the roof. Too much snow can be too much weight of the roof as well and this can lead to collapse. So, before it starts to break on you, prepare a snow rake for the winter months ahead.

  • Listen for any creaking sounds that may occur above. This usually signals that something is damaged. You have to take a look and see what is causing it or call a professional roof inspector to do the job properly.

A damaged roof can be dangerous, it may not serve its purpose well if it’s damaged and dirty here and there. A regular roof inspection is mandatory twice every year, preferably during spring and fall before any damage and costs start to escalate. You could save hundreds of dollars by being vigilant and protect your family by doing so.

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