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The Basics of Roofing Replacement

Baltimore roofing installations and replacements are more complex than they look.  There are many products that your roofing contractor can offer you when replacing your roof.  Baltimore housing and roofs has some of the most diverse architecture in the country.  Understanding how these products interact is very important, especially if you demand the most out of your new roof.  A good roof contractor like Renew Home Designs can guide you through every step of the roof installation.  Each roof is different and have variations in products and details that all work together as a system sealing your home from the elements.  You roof contractor should use the correct materials and installation methods, that insures your roof will be watertight for your home’s life.  Done incorrectly, water will find its way back into your home.
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Factory Roofing Certifications

Confirm your roofing contractor has their factory certified licenses and certifications.  New roofing installations represent less than 5% of the roofs installed in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. region.  We are proud to have achieved the prestigious status of Certified Shingle Master with CertainTeed, and Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor with GAF.  See our FAQ section for a more detailed explanation of these roofing certifications and what they mean to you.  Click the logos for copies of our certifications. There are very few Baltimore roofing contractors with these prestigious certifications.

Individual Roofing Certifications

One of the qualifications for these certifications is a skilled and experienced workforce.  We employ Master Shingle Applicators to supervise our installations and Shingle Quality Specialists to estimate our new projects and educate our customers.

Baltimore Roofing  Specific Product Lines

We carry a wide range of roofing products to suit your needs.  From basic performance to luxury and designer roofing, we have the solution to accomplish your goals.  We also understand that there are historic requirements and Neighborhood Association requirements.  After taking some time to explore your options, give us a call for a no-hassle free estimate today!

Baltimore Roofing and Shingles

Your choice in shingles determines how long your roof will last, and also how it looks.  Your roof can make up over 70% of your home’s exterior surface,  so choosing the right shingle makes can dramatic difference to your home’s appearance.  As one of Baltimore's most experienced roofing contractor, we work with every reputable manufacturer in the industry to make sure that you have the widest selection of roof replacement products available.

Slate, Engineered Slate and Synthetic Slate Roofing

The world of slate roofing has changed dramatically over the last decade. The average roofing contractor avoids slate roof because of the complexity and expertise it takes to install slate properly.   For centuries, the only way to have the appearance of a traditional slate roof was to have a custom slate roof installed.  We install traditional slate roofing and it is beautiful.  It is long lasting as well and highly functional when done right.

Recently new alternatives that offer the look and performance of slate roofing with reduced costs have become popular.  These products come in a variety of forms, but they all seek to give the benefits of slate at more affordable prices.  Some of these products use the latest technology to create synthetic materials that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.  Other products are actually made from slate but are less expensive to purchase, easier to install require less maintenance than traditional slate.


Skylights increase the amount natural light in many spaces around your home, and they allow sunlight into rooms that otherwise would have none.  Closets and bathrooms without windows are two examples of rooms that can greatly benefit from natural light but where  installing windows is impractical.  Your skylight options are as diverse as your other roofing options.  Technology has brought great increases in energy efficiency to skylights. Many choices are Energy-Star compliant and there are many exciting features available today.  We carry basic, non-opening skylights to fit virtually any opening.  Solar powered opening/closing, self contained blinds and electronic remote control are a few high-end options to consider if you are looking for the latest technology.  We carry the best brands to ensure that your skylights last as long as your new roof.

Gutters and Gutter Guards

Keeping water that runs off of your roof away from your home’s foundation is very important.  That’s why a well designed gutter system is necessary.  You need to make sure that your gutter system is properly sized, properly designed, and properly installed, or major problems will arise.  A well designed gutter system is ALWAYS less expensive than foundation repair.


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