My Roof Leaks In The Winter

The average homeowner doesn't know how often to replace their roof, the effects of roof failure, the important of regular maintenance and roof repair, and what will happen if replacement does not occur at the proper time. Your roof is your home's first means of protection from heavy wind, rain and other rough forms of weather. Without it, you can lose your home.

Roof Leaks

Several homeowners, along with professionals, die from falling off roofs each year. Others suffer from broken bones and other injuries. Obviously, getting up on the roof during the winter increases the chance of falling. People fall off roofs for other reasons too: gusts of wind, wet leaves and pest damage in addition to other reasons. Now that the weather is colder, it's increasingly important to contact a roof contractor rather than attempting a do-it-yourself inspection and full on roof replacement.

Average Roof Lifespan

Roofs can last anywhere between 15 years and a lifetime. This depends on the material roof shingles are made from, weather conditions, regular maintenance, proper installation and other factors. Most people live in their homes an average of 11 years and will move 5 times in their lives. This means that most people won't have think of replacing their roofs and will be surprised to know that their roofs are in dire need of replacing.

Wood and rubber shingles can last anywhere between 30 and 50 years. Slate shingles can last the lifetime of a house. Metal shingles can last 50 years. Asphalt shingles, while a cheaper material, will last about 15 years. Shingles that are of higher quality will last longer, so you have to compare what's most cost-effective in comparison with your needs. If you plan on moving out of your home in 5 years, asphalt shingles may make sense to you. However, shingles of higher quality are highly desired amongst buyers.

roof-wet-leakageWater Damage

Water damage caused by roof leaks in the form of stains, wood rot, warping, bubbling and buckling on siding, interior walls, ceilings, flooring, subflooring and other surfaces can be signs that the roof is suffering from roof leaks. There can, often, be other forms of damage that are invisible to the untrained eye.

Roof Leaks Lead To Costly and Unsafe Damage

Roof failure and roof leaks don't just result in water damage. It affects the overall structural integrity of the home, can lead to termite-infestation, other pest problems, wind damage, an increase in heating and cooling costs, and this is in addition to creating an unsafe environment for the home's occupants, guests and pets.

The Importance of Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance and roof repair help to sustain the life of a roof, but once a home needs repairs or total replacement, it is of vital importance to address the issue. In the instance that a roof needs total replacement, a home cannot get by with minimal repairs. This will ultimately lead to loss of money because other forms of roof failure will cause additional damage and replacement will be inevitable.

Steep Slope Roof SystemsThe Roof's Function

People tend to think the home's foundation is the most important aspect of the home, but it's not. Without a proper roof, the home is nothing more than four walls that are exposed to all of the elements, which can lead to loss of the house in the long-run. The roof protects the home, belongings and the safety of everyone in it. Roof replacement cannot and should not be put off until a later time.

Time is of the essence. The weather will continue to get colder, and conditions will continue to get rougher. This means that if you need roof replacement, it needs to happen quickly. Low temperatures affect the speed at which a roof can be replaced, the tools used to perform the job and the quality of work. In the instance it is raining or snowing, it can be too late to attempt replacement. The material of shingles comes into question as well because the adhesive that is used to adhere them require particular temperatures to create a bond to stop roof leaks . If they cannot adhere, they will fly off. However, to counteract this, cement will need to be used in addition to this adhesive until the weather allows for proper bonding. Save money by scheduling your in-home appointment with a roof contractor before the weather gets worse.

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