Understanding Roof Damage

Everything is cyclical, including your roof damage. As the weather changes, you will discover that there are new challenges to keep up with your roof. If you haven’t already done this, be sure to schedule your free roof inspection with a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor. You need a minimum of two per year—before and after the weather warms up. We’ll tell you why below.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance cannot be stressed enough. It’s important to address roof leaks and all roof damage as soon as possible to lessen your roof repair cost. If you catch it quickly enough, you may be able to put off roof replacement. However, when roof replacement is necessary, that needs to be done as quickly as possible too to avoid additional damage and expenses.

Your Roof In Warm Weather

With the warm weather, everything begins to bloom and grow. While trees that are full of leaves are lovely to look at, tree limbs can present a big problem for your roof. They can puncture your roof and cause roof leaks. Be sure to trim back your tree limbs. If you have a substantially high roof, hire a professional to trim your tree limbs. You will want them a good distance from your house as trees can sway in the wind.

Also, when the weather warms up, squirrels and other animals come out. They often gain access to the house through the attic from a tree limb. Prevent this from happening because squirrels can also cause damage to your roof.

Warm weather frequently brings rain, which means your gutters will need to be checked. Clean these out as quickly as possible because leaves, debris and birds’ nests can clog your gutters, which can cause problems for your fascia boards and roof decking. This is in addition to your siding and any other surface that gets wet. You could experience wood rot and a host of other issues. It’s best to avoid them to reduce your roof repair cost and new roof cost.

Hail presents an issue to the granules on your roof shingles. Your roof inspection will reveal whether you need roof repair or a new roof. To assist you with your new roof cost, roof financing is available for those who qualify. You might qualify for grant programs as well. ReNew Home Designs offers in-house roof financing in addition to an offer that you won’t pay until your new roof project is complete.

Your Roof In Colder Weather

You will need to clean out your gutters and keep cleaning them out as the leaves start to fall. Repair your gutters as necessary too. Once snow melts, it'll send hundreds or thousands of gallons of water through your gutters. They need to be working well.

You will need to address the ventilation in your attic too because it's common for roofs to incur ice dams from an attic that heats up too much. Ventilation will help to keep this area cooler so that ice dams won't become a concern.

Your Roofing Project

Your roofing project needs to be done by a professional who has your best interests at heart. Don't just hire a "roofer near me." There's no guarantee with a "roofer near me." ReNew Home Designs is a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor who can do your inspection and give you a fair price on your roofing project and roof repair.

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