9 Questions to Ask a Window Contractor

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Aluminum windows can last for more than 15 years and the wooden windows have a life span of more than 30 years. This is according to the study of National Association of Home Builders. If in case your window units have a lifespan of 15 to 30 years, you might consider having your windows replaced. There are other reasons that you need window replacement. Among these reasons are the following:

  • Windows that have excessive condensation and that frost between window panes.
  • There are leakages during rainfall that can damage the window frames, walls and flooring of your house.
  • Window units that sag and produce air filtration.
  • Window features that have poor energy efficiency.

Window replacement should be done by a licensed window replacement contractor like Renew Home Designs.  There are things that you must do before you employ a window replacement contractor.

ReNew Home Designs Window Replacement Ask Window Contractor Before You Hire Them:

What are the name of the company and its contact detail information?

One of the most important factors in hiring a company is to know its profile. These include the name of contractor and his contact information such as address, email address, and telephone number. There are also lots of review available from other customers on sites like Google, Yelp, and Angie's List. It is advisable that you choose a window replacement contractor that is located near you. This is because you can contact and communicate with them easily. Renew Home Designs has excellent reviews on all of the review portals online.

Does the window replacement contractor have a worker’s compensation and liability insurance?

You may ask for the contractor’s certificate of insurance. This includes the liability and the worker’s compensation insurance. These insurances can secure you in case there is an accident happened on your premises.  Renew Home Designs carries insurance on all types of projects and jobs. Rest assured we pride ourselves on taking care of our staff and you.

How many years the contractor is in this industry?

Experience is a must in window replacement service. The more the number of years of experience the more they are good. If your window replacement needs are in a historic district the window replacement contractor should know the requirements to replace the windows.

Vinyl Replacement WindowsDoes the contractor have a license?

You must check the licensing authority if the window replacement contractor has licensed. You must also know the contractor’s credentials. In the State of Maryland the contractor should have a MHIC license in good working order.

Who are the company’s references and referrals?

You may ask the company for at least 7 to 10 references. These include their names and their telephone numbers. You may call any of them for verification of the identity of the window replacement contractor. You can also find many reviews online as mentioned previously.

Does the company have workmanship warranty and how long it is?

Most of the contractors have a workmanship warranty for at least one year or more. The warranty is important as it protects you from any deficiencies in workmanship. There is also a standard warranty that some contractors offer.

How does the company deal with the customer complaints?

You must determine how the window replacement contractor handles complaints and problems.

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