How to Prepare For Your Roof Contractor

It is important to repair your roof when there is damage or leak, but it is better to leave the repairing of the damaged roof to the professional. A Certified roof contractor like ReNew Home Designs can assist you in your residential shingle roof installation. However, it is recommended that you prepare for the installation before contacting a roofing contractor, as there is some important stuff you need to know. Having a good roof contractor to install your shingle roof could help your roof to last up to 30 years, and you also have to make sure that you don’t get ripped off. After reading this article, you should understand what to expect, the total cost and the right materials to choose so that you won’t get taken advantage of.
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Finding a Good Roof Contractor: The most important aspect of a good roofing contractor is that they will take the time to listen to your concerns and also answer any inquiries that you may have. It is important to ask your roofing contractor for an estimate first so that you don’t get ripped off.

Consider the price and the expertise of the contractor before hiring one. Roof installation is one of the most expensive parts of home improvement that homeowners have to invest. So it is best to carefully think about it first before proceeding.

What to expect: First, a certified professional roofer would help remove your old shingle roof. Normally, there will be dumpster truck as they need get rid of those old materials for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The preparation of material will be done by the company based on your preferences. An actual roof installation would take about one to two days if you hired a professional roof contractor company like ReNew Home Designs.

Understanding the Cost of Shingle Roof Installation: You should understand the cost of material and labor so you won’t be clueless even if your roof contractor overcharges you. It costs an average of $400 per square feet for mid-grade wood shingle roof.

Labor cost will for the roof contractor depends on many factors like the pitch of the roof, height of the house, layers of shingles, decking, size, etc. an average labor cost you can expect to be is around $200 per 100 square feet.

There is also a difference between cost and price. Price is a one-time thing, but cost is a 30 year thing. If you have a low price for the roof installation, but it only last for a few years, then it is obvious that the cost of the roof installation is very high.

Choosing the right material: Although shingle is used often, there are also other materials like Aluminum sheeting. Your roof contractor can help you make the best choice. Also, do check the warranty date of the material purchased. Many shingles sold have a warranty of up to twenty years. But, this varies from brand to brand.
Preparing for shingle roof installation is a hectic task. However, getting a good shingle roof installation could last almost forever. Therefore, it is better to consider all the factors first before getting a roof installation.

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