What Can You Do When Pests Damage Your Roof

You try to keep your home together, and then you find you have some sort of pest damage in your roof. Don’t feel too bad. We’ve all been there. You may be shocked to know that they can damage your roof though. If you’re in need of a new roof because of pests, roof replacement can help you to better safeguard your home from these nasty invaders. Let’s talk about why they’re bad for your roof, how to get rid of them and how to prevent them from coming back in the future.

Squirrel Pests Damage Your Roof

Squirrels Pests Damage Your Roof

Squirrels will create roof damage in order to get into your attic. Punctures of any kind lead to roof leaks. Squirrels like to live high off the ground. In an area where trees are small or scarce, your attic and roof may be the highest structure around, and they love the added security your home provides so they can raise their little family. You will want to trim back tree limbs and get rid of their other entry points. At this time, you will need a professional to remove the squirrels from your home because their smell attracts other rodents. Also, be sure to clean out your gutters because the debris they collect also attracts squirrels. Opting for regular roofing inspections and preventative maintenance can help reduce your pest issues.


Termites Pests Damage Your Roof

Termites undermine your home’s structural integrity like no other pest. This can be disastrous to your roof decking and other structural components, like your fascia, soffits, rafters or trusses. This can cause massive roof leaks. Damaged wood will need to be replaced or otherwise reinforced. Redoing your roofing system will help to keep termites out of your home. You can fund your roof repair cost and new roof cost with roof financing or grant programs.

Carpenter Ants Pests Damage Your Roof

Carpenter ants don’t eat wood, but they make their homes in it. This can cause substantial roof damage. They create tiny little tunnels to raise their young. The damage they leave is similar to termites. Unfortunately, they can make their home in your roof decking, which can lead to a huge puncture in your roof. You need to know that carpenter ants will climb. They will cross rope, cords and anything else strung together to gain access into your home. You will also need a professional to get rid of them. Ward off ants using an insecticide of your choice. Spreading Diatomaceous earth is a useful natural insecticide.

Roofer Near Me

If you’re in search for a “roofer near me,” contact ReNew Home Designs, a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, to handle your new roof installation. You might only need roof repair, but they can assist you with this after you schedule your free roof inspection. You will want to know sooner rather than later if you are in need of roof repair or roof replacement. The Formosan subterranean termite can destroy a house in two years. Roof financing is available to help you with your roof repair cost and new roof cost. Contact ReNew Home Designs, a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor today for your free roof inspection.

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