How To Grow Mold On Your Roof

Is there anything better than mold? Skip the paint and wallpaper, and let nature do its thing. Speckles of dark green and black make mold an interesting phenomenon. With mold, you can have hours of fun psychoanalyzing your closest friends by showing them your on-the-wall designer Rorschach Tests. The best part is that mold is free. We’ll tell you the best way to grow mold in your home.

Look Ma! No Windows

Ventilation is a big “no-no” for growing mold. The more moisture you can keep in your home the better it will be for you and your mold-gold. Do not open any windows or doors, and be as still as you possibly can be. You don’t want air circulating throughout your home. This means you also don’t want adequate attic ventilation. Maybe the pizza-man can slip your pizza through the mail slot because you don’t want to open any doors either.

Roof Damage? Even Better

If you have any sort of roof damage, then you have roof leaks, and this creates the perfect environment for Moldy-One Kenobi. To get that extra effect of “this roof’s in shambles,” attempt a DIY and stomp around on your roof. You’ll be sure to add plenty of punctures this way. Don’t worry about it increasing your ventilation. Roof leaks bring in all the nasty stuff without providing any benefits. Whatever you do, don’t contact a roofing contractor to get a new roof or roof repair.

roof moldMold on Your Roof? Try Darkness….

If you’re not a fan of bumping into furniture or kicking your toes, you’re in for it. However, if you enjoy hours upon hours playing "Marco Polo" in the dark with your furry little one, you’ll appreciate the added benefit. Mold loves dark places to thrive.


Don't hire a reputable roofing contractor to do your roof repair. They'll only spoil your mold plans, and they won't appreciate your moldivation. We already know that one of the ways to reduce mold in your home is to get a new roof. You need to either put off your roofing or hire a roofer that will make your roof worst.


Eventually, the magic will wear off, and you'll want to reclaim your home. Mold grows at an alarming rate, so it'll be all through your house and on your things before you know it. After you've thrown everything away, you'll need to get roof replacement, but don't head to the nearest "roofer near me." A "roofer near me" might invite your friend back into your home, and it will punish you seven-fold. Your  mold on your roof can get roof financing to help with your new roof cost and roof repair cost because you'll probably need money for everything at this point.

ReNew Home Designs Can Stop Mold on Your Roof

ReNew Home Designs will provide you with a free roof inspection. They're a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, so they're able to give you an extended warranty on roof replacement. They have in-house roof financing to help assist you with your roof repair cost and new roof cost.

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