New Windows Reduce Home Expenses

New Windows and Other Ways to Reduce Home Expenses

Recent technology has made windows better than ever. The sun is beneficial in many ways, but it can heat up your home by heating up your windows and the things inside your home. The sun has the amazing ability to heat things through radiant heating, which is drastically different than convection heating, but the sun can heat your home in this way as well. We’ll explore why this occurs and other ways to update your home to help with reducing utility costs and overall home repair expenses.

How the Sun Works

The sun’s rays penetrate objects, humans and animals. This penetration delivers heat to the object, person or animal directly. This is why you can feel warm on a clear day despite snow piled up on the ground. Older windows are no exception to this rule. The sun’s rays heat up older windows. With convection heating, your home is heated in return. In addition, the sun’s rays enter your home and can cause damage to your furniture and other belongings by fading and other types of damage. Since the UV wavelengths are also limited, your belongings stay protected for a longer time.

Infrared and Ultraviolet Light

However, you have the option of having new windows installed that allow for light to enter your home and heat to reflect away from your home. Two different types of light waves, infrared and ultraviolet, are responsible for heat and light, respectively. A special coating allows for infrared wavelengths to reflect off the windows while allowing some ultraviolet wavelengths to enter the home, which provides light.

New Windows

Low-E  Windows

Since your home’s R-value is additive, you can increase your home’s R-value with “low-e” windows. “Low-e” stands for “low emittance” or “low emissivity.” Call it what you will, but you will save a lot on your heating and cooling bills. Another amazing quality of heat-reflecting new windows is that whatever heat is inside the home will reflect back into the home. This helps keep the home remain warmer on cold, dark nights.


Keeping up on your roofing will also help you to save money on your utility bills, and it helps to keep your roof repair cost and new roof cost low down the road. Putting off a new roof can end up costing thousands of dollars in roof repair, house repair and siding repair. In general, you need two roof inspections done per year by a credible roof contractor. Roof damage and roof leaks are the main issues for roofs. Roof repair needs to be as soon as it is needed because roof leaks and any roof damage will continue to get worse.

How to Get Started on Roof Replacement

Roof financing may be available to you to help with your roof repair cost and new roof cost. There are several incentives available too for homeowners seeking to update their windows, siding and roofs. A siding purchase can help with utility bills as well. It’s not common for every roofing contractor to help with all three, but ReNew Home Designs does.

Roofer Near Me

ReNew Home Designs, a GAF Master Elite Roof Contractor, can help you with a new roof, new windows, door replacement and your siding purchase. Customers prefer ReNew Home Designs as their roofing contractor for several reasons: they carry outstanding ratings, their prestigious Master Elite designation allows them to offer extended warranties, they are a “roofer near me,” they are able to update the house with new windows, doors, siding and a roof, and they help people to save money on their utility bills in addition to offering in-house roof financing for roof replacement.

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