New Roof Payment Options

Without a roof, a home is exposed to the elements. While many people equate this to colder nights or small leaks, it poses a much more serious issue to the home. Without a roof, a home can incur water damage, structural damage, problems with electrical wiring, damaged furniture and belongings, mold issues and many other problems. Roof replacement cannot be avoided. The good news is that financing a new roof is entirely possible and easier than most people think.

ReNew’s Promise

Homeowners are pleased to know that they don’t have to pay for their roofs upfront. Their roofing cost remains at zero until they’re satisfied.  We offer various payment options; including Payments as Low As $89 per Month, and "18 Month Same as Cash" When homeowners are satisfied with their new roof, that is the time they pay for it. In addition, there are many discount available to customers who intend on paying with cash or check. Please mention this at the time we provide you with an estimate.

Deferred New Roof Payment

Deferred payment plans are also entirely possible. Monthly budget plans allow ways for homeowners to secure their new roofs with this form of repayment. “Same as cash” allows homeowners to pay for projects at a later time when they receive their next year’s tax return or annual bonus.

Financing New RoofPoor Credit

There is financing available for those who need help on their credit. You may qualify with a bank to help you to get your new roof. As your roof contractor, we will help guide you in your financing options.

Quick Cash Back

Beyond financing a new roof, there are many incentives that provide money back within a short amount of time. Check into the programs that are available to see how much money you can get back. A new roof may qualify for energy tax credits.

Roof replacement is necessary. A new roofing cost seems major until homeowners find out the many exciting ways their roofing projects can be funded. A new roof payment is easier to do now than ever. Contact us as your roof contractor to get your project going.

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