My Roof Shingles are Buckling, What should I Do?

If a single component of your roof is missing or is inefficient, your roof will fail, and you will need roof replacement. This can lead to costly repairs, but it can also lead to mold issues, wood rot and water damage. This sounds superficial, but all of this damage may compromise your home’s structural integrity. This could mean that children can be harmed by a falling deck, that your pets become ill from mold or that you lose your childhood belongings from water damage. You cannot afford to allow your roof to be compromised in any manner. Financing a new roof is available to help with your roofing cost.

Roof VentRoof Ventilation

Chances are that you’ve heard of roof shingles, plywood, felt and other materials used in roofing. However, very few homeowners are aware that their roofs need adequate ventilation. A licensed roof contractor should inform you of this. Ventilation reduces the amount of moisture that can collect. Ventilation is needed to prevent other issues, but for the purposes of discussing buckling roof shingles, moisture is the main concern.

Roof Shingles Buckling

Buckling is evidenced by roof shingles that fail to lay flat because the underlayment of the roof shingles wrinkle in some fashion or the wood deck has moved. Moisture can collect in a few ways. There is typically a higher amount of humidity in the summer. When the old roof is removed, the wood deck is exposed to moisture. Moisture can become trapped in the roof system if it is not allowed to dry out. It’s essential that a roof have adequate ventilation to avoid excessive moisture from building up.

The problem of buckling roof shingles further exacerbates the issue because a loose shingle is essentially allowing additional moisture to be absorbed into the roofing system. Roof repairs might correct the problem; however, you might need total roof replacement.

Financing a New Roof

Financing a new roof is not difficult. There are many programs available that provide incentives to offset roofing cost. In addition, the IRS is providing tax credits to those who qualify. As your roof contractor, we will help you in every step of the process to repair or replace your roof.


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