Before You Make A Roof Purchase in Ellicott City

Your roof is actually a sophisticated system. If any part of your roof system has roof damage, it can mean certain disaster. If you don’t take care of your roof damage immediately, you are looking at additional repairs at a later point, and you’re also looking at a greater cost in roof repair or roof replacement. It’s important to understand why you need every part of your roof functioning properly and what can happen if you don’t.

Roof Decking

Your roof decking is what covers your attic, and it is the most basic part of your roof. It can also be referred to as “sheathing.” It’s important that your roof decking not have any holes or otherwise leave gaps so that your underlayment and shingles can lay properly. It is not wise to reroof over your current roof because your roof decking can have issues. It’s important to do a complete tear-off. Holes in your roof decking can lead to roof leaks, wood rot and it can compromise your home’s structural integrity. When doing a roof purchase in Ellicott City look at all of the components the roof contractor is offering.

Roof Replacement ContractorsRoofing Underlayment

Your roofing underlayment goes over your roof decking. It is the first step in creating a roof that is watertight. It is often referred to as “felt paper.” It can be made of various materials. Your roof underlayment option depends on your roof and your individual needs. You want to be sure it lays down the right way. This is why hiring a professional roofing contractor is important. If it does not lay down flat or otherwise shifts, it can cause buckling and other issues for your shingles, which can lead to roof leaks.

Fascia and Soffits

There is more to a roof purchase in Ellicott City then selecting a roof.  Your fascia boards sit vertically and cover the end of your eaves, which is the portion of your roof that hangs over the sides of your home. Soffits are coverings for the underside of your eaves. Without fascia and eaves, your attic would be open. While it’s important that your attic remain closed, you do want to have adequate ventilation. In the summer, you want a way to cool off your home naturally. In the winter, you want to avoid ice dams. Either way, you need ventilation, so the way you achieve this depends on your new roof style.


Your gutters help to protect your roof and siding. They help direct water away from your home so that you don’t experience wood rot and other issues. You will want your gutters to slightly descend, so that water can flow towards the downspout.

Other Roofing Components

The uppermost portion of your roof is consisted of shingles. Flashing covers two surfaces that come together to avoid water from seeping in. If shingles are crumbling, buckling or have any other structural issue, you can experience roof leaks and an increase in utility bills. A lack of flashing also leads to leaks. Likewise, you want a good drip edge around the perimeter of your roof to prevent leaks.

Roof Financing in Ellicott City

Roof financing can help you cover your new roof cost and roof repair cost, but you need to understand that you put the rest of your home in jeopardy when you fail to take care of your new roof immediately. There are grant programs available to help you with your new roof cost.

Roof Purchase in Ellicott City

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