What is the Better Window Choice: Vinyl or Fiberglass?

The window technology today includes two different materials of windows namely the vinyl and fiberglass. These two types of windows can be a good choice for window replacement or for a newly constructed house. However, you have to make a choice which is the best one that suits your needs and likes. To help you decide, the following are the features of vinyl and fiberglass for your references:

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The Features of Vinyl Windows

  • Good insulation for the window frames because of its numerous chambers that trap the dense air.
  • Easy to maintain. No need for painting.
  • Manufacturing is easy and fast. It is flexible especially when it is installed.
  • It can last long because of its sealed corners.
  • It is thermoplastic and is prone to overheating and shrinkage.


What is the Better Window Choice: Vinyl or Fiberglass?


The Features of Fiberglass Windows

  • More color features and can be customized too.
  • More strength than vinyl. It is 8x times stronger than vinyl.
  • It has a longer life span that is more than 38% than vinyl.
  • Energy Efficient
  • It is consists of resins and glass fibers that is capable to contract and expand in any weather changes.
  • Less effort in manufacturing since the fiberglass is made of silica sand.

You can compare the features of vinyl and fiberglass windows. You may also learn the top 3 questions when deciding between vinyl and fiberglass windows. Among these questions are the following:

Which Window is Strong and Durable and Good for Window Replacement?
According to some reviews and studies, the fiberglass windows are 8x times stronger than vinyl. This is because of its tapered frame that allows for expanded views and sun rays. On the other hand, vinyl cannot handle extreme changes in temperature. Its window frames are prone to crack, warp, shrink just like the aluminum windows.
Which window is a good insulator?

The vinyl glass can be a good insulator. This is because of its many chambers that catch the dense air. This protects the frame. It is also energy efficient. With this, you can save energy bills.

What is the difference between the costing of vinyl and fiberglass windows?
The fiberglass window is definitely more expensive than the vinyl windows. The fiberglass is 1.5 times higher than the cost of vinyl.

If you want a window replacement that is energy efficient and of affordable price rates, you may opt for the vinyl windows. These windows are also beautiful to look at. It can add beauty to the overall look of your house. On the other hand, if you want a window replacement that is also energy efficient and durable, you may opt for the fiberglass windows.

This type of window also lasts long. You will just spend an amount than the vinyl windows. Vinyl and fiberglass windows are available in some stores. There are also some window replacement contractors that supply these types of windows. You just have to specify to the contractor which type of window replacement you would like to install in your house.

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