Kitchen Design and Renovation

Kitchen Remodeling

As Americans, we spend as much as 5 years of our lives, on average, in our kitchens.  Our kitchens our the most used room in our homes.  The kitchen is the gathering place during holidays, it’s the dining room on weeknights, and it’s our office on Saturday mornings.  And that’s before we cook a meal!

According to Remodeling Magazine, last year Americans recouped between over 75% of the cost of their kitchen remodeling projects.  This means that spending $10,000 to renew your kitchen would give you over $7,500 in instant NEW equity in your house.  This makes Kitchen remodeling the best major investment you can make in your home.   With our wholesale pricing, that means you can actually create equity in your home and improve your quality of life at the same time.  Not to mention have the kitchen of your dreams.

You will have a chance to select the different options to bring your vision to life.  It takes more than the products themselves to make a beautiful project, and that’s where ReNew Home Designs is different.  While most of the industry focuses on showing you beautiful samples and asking for a check, we urge you to consider a few other  elements of your project too.  Things like craftsmanship, attention to detail, reliability are the hallmarks of a successful project.  During the installation, your experience with the installers and the company can have an even greater impact on your experience than the materials themselves.  Making you comfortable while we work is another ReNew specialty.

We have our own in house installation teams to give us complete control over the finished product.  Our customers want the same thing that we do:  A job that will be the envy of friends, family, and neighbors, and an experience that they will brag about to anyone who will listen.  ReNew Home Designs takes great pride in giving both of these.

As you begin to shop, you have many exciting options to choose from.  Kitchen remodeling can range from basic updating of counter-tops and hardware to a full blown renovation.  Please take some time to read about your options:

Kitchen Counter-tops

We have access to worldwide wholesale distribution channels that give you options far beyond what your local retailer can offer.  Granite, Quartz, Marble, Onyx, Soapstone and modern engineered stone products all have different looks and costs.  All of these come in a variety of finishes.  There are literally thousands of choices to match your taste and your budget.  From exotic rare natural stone to low maintenance value driven choices, you have literally thousands of options to match your taste and budget.

Kitchen Flooring

The stunning diversity of products that we offer is showcased in our flooring selections as well.  You have a broad range of materials to cover your new floor.  These, like counter-tops, vary in cost, ease of cleaning, hardness and aesthetics.  We strive to recommend options that fit your goals and budget.  We offer exotic hardwoods and durable engineered solutions, and many marble and tile possibilities.

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets provide  a foundation for your new counter-tops, and they can make a statement all their own.  As with every element of the project you can choose a basic, yet beautiful product that will serve its function while providing exceptional value.  You can also choose one of our most rare and prestigious hardwoods letting the beauty and craftsmanship of furniture-grade cabinetry shine.

If you prefer to keep your existing floor plan, comprehensive cabinet renewal and refacing provides a cost effective alternative to a complete tear-down.  Everything that you touch and use is new, from the drawers to the hardware.  The only thing that’s not high end is the price tag.

Kitchen Accessories

The details can make a successful project truly exceptional.  cabinet hardware, light fixtures,  faucets, sinks, and back-splashes should all compliment your choices in flooring, counter-tops and cabinetry.  The details should enhance the natural beauty of your other selections and create a style that is all your own.  Under cabinet lighting to highlight your back-splash, hidden appliances, and commercial ventilation solutions are a few examples of bespoke options that set a truly high end, custom project apart from the other “remodels” that are so common in this industry.

Call us today for a free estimate.  You bring your vision and we’ll bring the rest.

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