6 Things You Should Know When Hiring a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Definitely, no two commercial roofing contractors are created equal.

Having a quality roof installation can be a very good investment for your business. With that in mind, you should be careful when hiring a commercial roofing contractor. Though you may find plenty of roofing contractors around your area, it’s also a must that you look for certain qualities to make sure that you will get exactly the quality service that you are paying for.

Of course, you should not be swayed by offers coming from low bidders. Doing your own background check and research of the prospective contractors that you have in mind will help you make a better choice to hire the right company.

Commercial Roofing

With that in mind, here are some of the basic qualities that you have to look for to make hiring a commercial roofing contractor an easy task for you.


Unlike residential roofs, commercial roofs have to continually undergo routine inspections and maintenance. While residential homes have less concern with regards to structural factors, the same cannot be said for commercial buildings. When you’re hiring a contractor, make sure that you choose only those who are certified professionals.

To know whether your prospective roofing contractor is licensed, you may check out your state’s department of licensing and regulation and get through their website. You may also ask the company regarding who their license holder is and the role that they take into the company. Stick with professionals and you don’t have to worry about meeting the demands of quality roofing.

Employee Training And Certification

When it comes to people working your commercial place’s roof, safety is one important precaution. Sometimes, you may find that a roofing contractor is certified to do the business but its employees lack the certification. Choose a contractor company that trains and certifies its own employees so that you can ensure the right installation process and have proper safety precautions.


It’s a must that you choose a roofing contractor that is insured. It’s very important thing to note that the company’s workers as well are compensated and is covered by insurance. Insurance protects both you and the contractor company so make sure that you have a copy of the right documentation for safekeeping and future purposes.

Roofer installing Roofing felt with heating and melting of bitumen roll by torch on flame during roof repair

Roofer installing Roofing felt with heating and melting of bitumen roll by torch on flame during roof repair


Another good way to choose a commercial roofing contractor is by way of referral. You can ask your friends or your friends’ friends to recommend you a good roofing contractor. Repeat businesses and plenty of referrals often suggest that such a company does really well in what they do which in this case, involves roofing installation. If you want, you may also ask for portfolios which almost every good commercial roofing contractor has to check the quality of their previous works.


Aside from the work that your roof contractor does, you also keep any roofing materials under warranty just in case there are damages.

Years In Business

One of the best ways to identify a commercial roofing contractor’s reputation is through how long they have been operating. Most of the time, companies who have been into the business for five years and more are given more credit because no substandard service can last that long.

This is the reason why new companies find it hard to fight the competition. On the other hand, you may also try working with new companies. The advantage with this is that they might offer their services for a much lower priced compared to well-established companies.

All in all, do not be afraid or be shy to ask your prospective roofing contractor if you have any more questions. That way, you will be able to cover all things you need to know about roofing your commercial place without the niggling doubt.

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