Fun Ways to Use Your Roof In Timonium

Innovative Uses for Your Roof: Not Really

Your roof is boring. Face it. It just sits up there in the hot sun or cold wind all day long. If you’re looking for some roof-interactive fun, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will detail all the wrong ways you could use your roof. Besides, you can put off your roof replacement cost by finding fun uses for it. Actually, your roof cost will increase exponentially by doing any of the things mentioned below, but we’ll ignore that for now.

Mini Ski Jump

You might think that since you have the snow up there anyway during the winter, and it’s perfectly angled to accomplish a jump, that you should give it “a go.” Think very carefully on this. One of the main problems with snow on the roof is that it creates ice dams when the attic has poor ventilation. This prevents that perfect powder you’re looking for. Instead, look for a roofer who can help you with your ventilation issue. This and a new roof will help out with your summer utility costs too.

Goose Landing Strip

If you’re a bird-lover, it can be tempting to try to help them with their landing skills. For starters, your roof is most likely too steep for geese to effectively stop once they land. Also, geese are incredibly heavy, and you may end up putting a lot of holes in your roof. If anything, try your driveway. Roof replacement is a good idea if you have extensive damage. You can get help with your roof replacement cost with roof financing and special incentive programs.

Trampoline Launch/Diving Board

In recent years, some have tried doing both, and many launched or jumped themselves into the hospital for broken bones and other injuries. One gentleman jumped off his roof while attempting to bounce on a balloon. He missed the balloon, causing his spine to compress as he hit the ground buttocks-first. Jumping off the roof isn’t the best idea. However, having a credible roofer do you roof replacement project is a good idea.

In Reality

These are completely satirical uses for your roof. Of all the bad things you could do to your roof, your roof would love some TLC by a reputable roofing company. You should get two roof inspections per year by a professional roofing contractor. If you are in need of roof repair or roof replacement, failure to get either done immediately will result in more expensive repairs and a higher roof replacement cost down the road.

Many people fear hiring a roofer for fear of what they'll spend. Some have heard of a roofing company skipping town, which renders warranties useless. However, hiring a professional roofing company can avoid this issue. Save some money and hire the best roofing contractor instead of a "roofer near me."

Roofer Near Me

Hire ReNew Home Designs if you’re looking for a “roofer near me.” They are a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, which means they can give you top-notch quality and services with an extended warranty on your new roof. They offer roof financing to help you with your roof cost. Also, you won't have to pay your roof cost upfront. You can pay them after your new roof is finished.

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