How to Inspect your Roof for Leaks

Checking your roof once in a while is not quite a common thing to do, but it’s something that you to observe to know if it’s about time to get a new roof.

Don’t wait for water to drip from your roof before you check on it. Regular roof checks can prevent you from spending more money in case a big damage has already been done. Maintaining your roof is also a plus in case you need to sell your home someday.

How will I inspect my roof?

ARoof Leak Repairccording to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRA), you need to conduct a roof inspection at least twice a year and the best time to do this is during a spring or a fall. So, where shall you start? From the inside!

Go to your attic and look for four things:

1) Any water leaks or damage?
2) Any sagging on the roof deck?
3) Any “sunlight” holes?
4) Any dark trails and spots?

After inspecting from the inside, it’s time to check from the outside.

From The Outside

The main things you should be searching for are missing shingles, buckling, damaged flashings, curling, blistering, algae growth and rotting.

Some other things to check out are the following:

• Loose materials on the roof or around the pipes, chimneys, vents, or other penetrations
• Groups of shingle granules in the gutters are signs of advanced wear
• Some mold, moisture or rotting. These are signs of moisture that can breed fungi, mold or bacteria between one and two days involving water-related problems.
• Check your drainage for a smooth-flowing water exit. Keep your downspouts and gutters intact and attached and free of any debris.
• Always keep in mind that kitchen, bath and dryer vents must be directed towards the outside of your home and not to the attic.

Roofer installs bitumen roof shingles with hammer and nails - closeup on hands. Roofing works.What is the best material for my roof?

According to experts, roofing material and your location are factors to consider when getting a new roof.

There are a number of available roofing materials and here are some of the most common ones:

• Tiles – be careful in checking your tiled roof. Do not step or walk on it to avoid breaking them. These are long-lasting material than lasts a century. If one tile breaks, you would have to call for a specialist to have it replaced.
• Concrete – concrete roofs do not need any replacing
• Cedar – the durability of cedar roofs depend on the climate. In moist climates, it tends to get mossy while in drier climates, it tends to fall apart or split. Usually, the lifespan of cedar roofs is about 20 years.

If your roof is made of wood, be extra careful in maintaining them because there is a higher risk of damage caused by carpenter ants, wood-boring pests and termites.

The First-Aid In Roof Problems

For any water damage, check if your roof is below 20 years old. According to the California Contractors State License Board, these roofs are repairable. You don’t need a new one.

For a more expert advice, consult a licensed roofing contractor and ask for any repair suggestions and an estimate cost for the repair.

Shingles - Roof Replacement Baltimore mdGetting A Brand New Roof

Well, it’s either you have plenty of budget or your roof is beyond repairable. In getting a brand new roof, make sure you know what materials would suit your home. In choosing the perfect roofing material, think of several factors like the weather issues, location or aesthetics.

Do not consider a roof made of asphalt shingles or wood if you live near a forest or a place abundant with trees and dry brush because these materials are not fire resistant. If you are looking for a long-term relationship with your roof, you can invest on metal, slate or tile because these materials are durable and fire resistant.

If you live in North Pole or somewhere prone to snow loads, you will need a more lightweight and durable roof. These are usually made of standing-seam metal as it naturally casts off snow before it builds up.
Also consider the strength of your house framing because if you choose a heavy roof that your house framing cannot support, then you’re in for a much bigger problem. Usually, the heavy roofing materials are tile and slate.

When to Start the Roof Inspection

Well, if you got nothing to do after reading this article, you may want to check up your roof at once. Do not waste time and think of doing it “tomorrow” because tomorrow might be too late. To avoid surprising water drippings from the roof, inspect your roof for any roof holes as soon as possible.

Check for other roof problems as mentioned above and try to provide solutions to these problems. Remember, a small damage is repairable, but ten small damages altogether can be a huge problem.

If you think that it’s time to replace your old roof into a brand new one, ask help from the experts. I’m telling you, you cannot do it alone just like any DIYs out there. It can be very dangerous also.

Safe Under The Roof

Your roof is a very important part of your home. It does not just give a homey feel to your home but it’s the one that protects your whole home from all the harsh elements outside. It keeps your family secured and safe from the changing climate and Roof Leaks. So, make sure that you regularly inspect and repair your roof to keep your family safe under the roof.

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