Top 3 Benefits of Energy Efficient Roofing

Whether you’re planning to build a new house, repair your roof or replace it altogether, choosing energy efficient roof materials can do great wonders to reduce the energy that you use in your office or at home. By installing the right roofing system on your commercial or residential property, you are given the benefit of saving up more energy that in turn help you lower your energy consumption. When you use less energy, then you have lower utility bills to pay.

So what exactly are energy efficient roofs?

Cool Roofs

An umbrella term for various roofing systems, cool roofs are those designed to reflect sunlight and heat instead of absorbing them. Only 15 per cent of conventional roofing materials reflect heat and light so the remaining 85 per cent efficiently traps more heat instead of helping diffuse them. Energy efficient or cool roofs on the other hand, have the capacity to reflect more than 65 per cent of heat and sunlight making it more energy efficient by 50 per cent as compared to conventional roofing materials.


Now that you know what cool roofs are and how Energy Efficient Roofing is compared to typical roofs that you know of before, here are some more reasons why you should use energy efficient roofs.

Benefit #1:Available Federal Tax Rebates

If you don’t know it yet, installing Energy Efficient Roofing on your home, office, or anywhere else where you might likely put them earns you a federal tax rebate from the government. Such a great reward, isn’t it? The one reason for this is that energy efficient roofs especially those that are rated with an Energy Star is eligible for tax credits.

With the use of the federal tax discount, you can earn back as much as 10 percent of the roof cost. However, that application of tax credits will be dependent upon the type of roofing materials that you choose as well as some stipulations. You may be able to understand how these rebates work better with the help of consultation from a roofing contractor.

Benefit #2: Cooler Room Temperatures For Your Home

Because energy efficient roofing materials are designed to reflect heat and light coming from the sun’s rays, the overall temperature of the roof is then kept low. When roof temperatures are kept to a minimum, the structure under it remains cool and energy efficient. You’re not likely to use the air conditioner or ramp up the fan too high if you don’t feel too hot right? Because of this, Energy Star-rated roofs also allow you the benefit of cost savings from reduced energy bills as well.

Energy Efficient Roofing

Benefit #3: Cool Roofs Are Very Eco-Friendly

When the heat is too much, you’re more likely to turn on the air conditioner to keep the room cool. However, air conditioners release chlorofluorocarbon or CFC which is a harmful chemical in the environment. Not only are energy efficient roofs cost effective, they are also very good for the environment. The idea is that, the less you make use of energy, the more you are caring for the environment.

So which kind of roofs are energy efficient?

There are many different choices of Energy Efficient Roofing systems that you can choose from. Some roods are Energy Efficient Roofing by being cool coated or through the application of single-ply membrane. On the other hand, other varieties like green roofs are engineered to reduce heat transfer during summer, act as insulators during cold weather, and other host of benefits. The thing is, if you want to know more about which energy efficient roof is perfect for you, asking Renew Home Designs about your needs and wants would be the best way for you.

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