Custom Siding and Exterior Design

Custom Exteriors and Siding

Siding Basics

Replacing your home’s old siding with new custom siding gives you the chance to make your home new again, but better.  You have the ability to create your home’s new exterior the way you want to.  The many parts of a siding project demand installation teams with specific skills and attention to detail.  The process of renewing the exterior of a home is a complicated one.  Our installers are factory certified.  We employ Certified Building Solutions Specialists, and our installers have completed professional education programs on Vinyl and Polymer Siding and Shake, Fiber Cement, and Home Wraps.  This allows us to offer you not only the products that you want, but the craftsmanship and expertise that you need to make your home look better than new.

Siding Insulation

Replacing your siding with new custom siding is an excellent time to evaluate the energy efficiency of your wall system.  You have an opportunity to increase the energy efficiency of your home by insulating the wall surface prior to hanging your new siding.  Increasing the R-Value (a measure on energy efficiency) of your walls will mean money back in your pocket, a quieter and sturdier home, and longer lasting siding.  We have multiple Energy-Star certified insulation options to show you.

Vinyl Siding

We can renew your home’s exterior using basic, standard styles and colors.  The number of manufactures that we work with ensures that we can work within any HOA, or community restrictions.  Replacing your home’s siding with custom siding does not mean spending a fortune.  Our design consultants have the tools and the training to help you create the exterior of your dreams.  We also carry value-oriented brands that allow you to enjoy updated looks without the price tag of many more expensive solutions.

Luxury, Historic, and Custom Siding

If you are shopping for exotic, high-end solutions or you have to work within historic requirements, we have a suite of options sure to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.  We offer Vinyl, Cement-Board, Faux Stone and Wood-Shake exteriors that come in a variety of colors and finishes.  We have class leading design tools to help you see exactly what your home will look like with any possible combination of products.  Blending high-end finishes and styles allows you to create the exterior that you have always wanted at a fraction of the cost of building a custom home.  These products come with freedom from time-consuming maintenance.

Schedule your free estimate today and let our certified experts open your eyes to the possibilities.

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