Choosing A New Roof

The Color of Your New Roof

So, choosing a new roof sounds difficult, and you may have no idea what type of roof to choose. Relax. Here are some 2017 roofing trend ideas to help set your mind at ease to choose the perfect roof.

The colors we surround ourselves in plays a big role in our feelings. It’s the reason certain colors are captivating and why some leave us feeling uneasy. The color of your roof says a lot about you as the homeowner as it reflects your personal taste. It also affects how you feel about your home. If you chose a roof color that you didn’t like, you’d be reminded of that every time you drove home. However, choosing a new roof  color plays an even bigger role for your roof. Its color, in part, determines how cool or warm your home is.

How to Choose Your Color

You will know in about a minute and a half whether you like a particular color. Look at some samples, and be aware of your reaction to each sample. It can sound silly, but record your reaction to each color you come across. You might say things, like “Wow!” or “Oooh” in your mind, and these are good indications that you really like a color. If you say things like, “Hmm,” you most likely hold that color to be at the middle point of your spectrum. A good roofing company will not only have a variety of colors, but colors that are available in materials that are most suited for your roof.

Choosing A New RoofEnergy-Efficiency

People are finding more and more ways to be greener.  Choosing a new roof can actually save you money in utilities and other resources. Lighter-colored roofs are naturally cooler, however, the new trend in roofing is using roof shingles that are covered in a type of infrared reflective material so that sunlight can be redirected from the roof, as opposed to absorbing the sunlight and heat.

Quality Materials When Choosing A New Roof

More and more people are finding new appreciation for their roofs materials. They are opting for high quality roof shingles that perform amazingly well in home protection, keeping the home cool and helping to increase their home’s curb appeal. ReNew Home Designs is a wonderful roofing company to head to for quality materials and work.

Your roof’s intention is to protect your home. When choosing a new roof you if yours is outdated or irreparably damaged. Getting a free roof inspection will reveal what you need to do. Special roof financing and grant programs may be available to you to help with roof replacement cost. It’s a good and exciting time to get roof replacement.

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