Best Way to Waste Money on Roof Repair Cost

Do you know what the average roof repair cost in your area is? We know, you’ve been waiting for years and years to waste the money you’ve worked hard to get. Some would call that “The American Dream.” We like to call it “job security.” Wasted money will definitely keep you working harder for a much longer time, and if you’re going to waste money, it might as well be on your roof. Let’s face it, most people waste money on their roofs anyway. So, we’ll tell you how to do your roof in the worst possible way. Because if it were done right, you’d save money, and that’s not what you’re looking for.

Average Roof Repair Cost Rule #1

Don’t do any research—none, in fact. You don’t want a credible roofing company to do your roofing. Simply, type in the keywords “roofer near me” to take a gamble on the fly-by-night roofer of your “choice.” Remember though, you want to take an absolute shot in the dark, so completely disregard negative ratings, or that their business has been open for less than 5 years or that they’re not even licensed or insured. You might be incredibly unlucky and get a roofing contractor that’s mediocre, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed you get the worst one possible. While you’re at it, steer clear of any ladders, spill salt, and paint your black cat green.

Large beige house with green grass

Average Roof Repair Cost Rule #2

Avoid roofing grant programs like the plague. Never mind all their talk about giving you money for bringing your home up to code or for living a “greener lifestyle.” You don’t want help on your new roof cost or roof repair cost. You’re not even looking to live “greener.” You want to give away your “green,” so don’t waste your time with these. While we’re at it, avoid roof financing too. You want your roof replacement project to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. You want to walk uphill both ways. If roof replacement or roof repair were made easy, you might actually enjoy life and work less.

Average Roof Repair Cost Rule #3

Don’t get any roof inspections. You don’t want to know what roof damage you have, so that there is no possible way to fix your roof issues the right way. To make your situation even better, don’t do a tear-off before your roof replacement project, so that you have no hope of fixing roof leaks or any roof damage. You don’t want any kind of roof repair. Your roof leaks help with daily showers, so it’s a "win-win." After you get your new roof, you can hire the next “roofer near me” to completely do your new roof again and spend additional money. If you’re really lucky, your warranty won’t be covered by the first roofer because they already went out of business.

Just in Case Your Average Roof Repair Cost Is Crazy

Just in case you’re the oddball that actually likes working smarter, appreciates a good quality roof and wants a fair new roof cost, consider ReNew Home Designs.
They’re a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, so they can give you an extended warranty on your new roof installation. They’re licensed and insured, which protects you and your roof. They have in-house roof financing to help you with your new roof cost and roof repair cost, and you won’t have to pay anything until your new roof is completely finished. They’ll even do a free roof inspection for you.

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