Bad Roof Shingles Leads to Rotten Wood

Bad Roof Shingles

Bad Roof Shingles can lead to all types of roof and structure issues. Roof failure is a serious problem that results in thousands of dollars in repairs and possible fatalities. One major, and common, cause of repairs and fatalities is wood rot. On the surface, wood rot does not sound like a big deal. However, wood rot is a serious issue for any home. It occurs when water is allowed to enter the home and when excessive moisture collects on wood. Unseasoned wood used for home construction can also experience this issue, but the primary cause for this issue is roof failure.

Rotten Shingles Leads to Rotten WoodRoof Issues Leads to Wood Rot

It is not always evident that a home needs roof replacement. Wind, debris, moisture, punctures and other roof issues cause roof failure. This causes water to enter the home, which usually occurs in the attic, but it can occur elsewhere, such as within the walls and in the subflooring of the home. Regular roof replacement is a must according to the needs of the home.

The Cause of Wood Rot

Wood does not rot solely from moisture. Simply drying out wood does not fix the problem. Bad roof shingles can lead to rotting wood that needs to be replaced, and replacing the roof is also a must by a certified roof contractor. Most people are quick to blame termites or carpenter ants for crumbling wood. However, wood rot occurs from fungus growing within the wood. A few types of fungi create wood rot, but the main issue of wood rot is that it disturbs the structural integrity of the home, which means walls can fall down, a roof can collapse, and other forms of damage can occur. While adequate ventilation is necessary within the home, the home’s roof serves as a primary defense from the elements and protecting the home from wood rot.

Bad Roof Shingles Leads to Rotten Wood“Roof Companies Near Me”

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