Compare Roofing Materials

If you are planning your house, or building one already, do you know what kind of roof to use? Apart from the style or the color that you want, does it matter if you pick a wooden or metal roofing? What choices are available in the market? Would you need a roofing specialist? Maybe not. Because in this article, we shall look at the six popular roof types that are commonly used based on the need.

First off your, location has something to do with the kind of roof that makes sense to your needs. On top of that, the durability, cost and fire-proof features are ones to be considered as well.


Asphalt has to be considered when you compare roofing materials. They are probably the most long-lasting, reliable and popular kind in the market.

They are easy to install, have thick composition and their fire-resisting quality makes it a strong protection not just from fires but also from natural calamities. Manufacturers usually give a 30-year warranty but they last longer than that. What’s not to love, right?


Here’s another favorite which lasts even longer than asphalt. Think 50 years and above. Wood shakes last wear beautifully through years in a speckled way like wine that’s aged to perfection. It provides insulation to the attic and promotes air circulation throughout the house. The down side to wood when you compare roofing materials to it is its maintenance- keeping molds and insects away are necessary for a long lasting, good-looking wood.


Even though metal roofs are not the top choice of many, it still is Metal Roofing Systemsa good option for those who are willing and able to find a metal roofing specialist. Putting them up is not as easy as the other options but once done, it could last almost a century. It comes in copper, aluminum, galvanized and tin should be considered when you compare roofing materials .


When you compare roofing materials one also has to consider a longevity factor , plus an environment-friendly component. It is recyclable and it helps regulate a structure’s temperature. Even the worst of climates can be withstood by the slate type of roofing which makes it an environmentally- approved material. All these outweigh its slippery finish and heavy weight.


Also known as composite slate shingles, this kind is cheaper in price while also sturdy and needs low maintenance. It’s light weight makes it a preferred choice for transporting and installing. It’s offered in a variety of colors unlike the other types which make it the adaptable choice for homeowners.


Ceramic or clay roof gives an ancient look and feel to the house while it provides superb insulating characteristics. Winters are warmer and summers are cooler with a ceramic roof. It is weather-resistant, durable and fire-proof. One thing to consider when Compare Roofing Materials is using an underlayment that’s just as durable as the clay roof to ensure that it’s supported through the years.

So what’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is that all these roofing choices are generally good choices for fire-resistance, wearability and aesthetics. The differentiating factors would be the weight, ease of installation, cost and the look that you want to achieve for your home.

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