3 Steps to Expand the Life Span of Your Roof

One of the most valuable parts of your house is the roof. This is because it definitely shelters you and your whole house. It also completes the house. Another thing that makes it valuable is that it costs much than the other parts of your house. For these reasons, you have to maintain your roof always. In this way, you can expand the lifespan of your roof. You may do the following on how to extend the life of your roof in 3 simple steps:

Roof Inspection

You may check your roof at least once a year. This is a preventive maintenance. Make sure that the flashing, shingles, roof vents, gutters, downspout, and step flashing among others are in good conditions.

ReNew Home Designs Roof RepairIf any of these are rotten, have cracks, molds, holes, and black spots, there would be damages that you will encounter in your roof. To avoid these, you may inspect them. To inspect them you may look for the following:

  • Broken chirp, or missing shingles
  • Small holes on the sheaths, roofing shingles, or roofing sheets
  • Rusted flashing around the chimney
  • Rusted spots and cracked caulk on the flashing
  • Hole or chirp on step flashing
  • Lichens, molds, and black spots on roofing sheets, shingles, or sheaths
  • Damaged chimney caps
  • Holes on gutter or damaged gutters
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A ladder set up to repair damaged roof shingles. A section was blown off after a storm with high winds causing a potential leak.

Clear the Roof

One way to clear the roof is to remove any objects that may harm or cause damages to the roof. These include the tree branches, snow, and the water. If you have a tree that overlap the top of your roof, its branches, and dried leaves might fall over on top of your roof and gutter.

The dried leaves will block the passageway of the gutter and can clog it. This will cause leakages. The tree branches that fall on your roof may cause damages especially if they rot over the roofing shingles and sheaths. It is advisable that you remove them right away.

Do not let water stay on your roof for a longer time. Remove them immediately to avoid any damages such as rots and leakages. If you remove the snow right away, you can prevent your roof from buckling. This can increase the lifespan of your roof.

Cleaning the Roof

To extend the lifespan of your roof, you must clean your roof from time to time. If you notice any black spots, fungus, or algae on your roofing sheets or shingles, you must clear and remove them right away. You can clean them by using a bleach solution. This prevents unsightly roofing sheets and avoids premature aging and any damages.

It is also important to clean the gutters of your roof. Some debris or dried leaves are stacked on the gutters that may cause clogging. When it rains, there would be leakages and flooding in some area of your house. You must remove the debris and dried leaves on your roof and gutter. The debris can make the gutter overflow and increase the roof aging.

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